ReTweetability Index

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  • March 4, 2009

ReTweetability.comBy now, we all are familiar with the term “Retweet”, and the basic implications at play when someone retweets a message – IE, the message must be “good”, hence it was resent to others, and other similar considerations that come to the fore when we talk about the concept.

The ReTweetability Index, then, is an online database that individualizes the most influential/popular/best-loved or whatever-definition-you-feel that-applies users on the Twitterverse.

The opening screen includes a ranking listing these luminaries, whereas two different search tools are displayed: one lets you look up retweeters by topic, whilst the other makes for finding the rank of any Twitter user on the spot.

The site used a word that I found interesting when describing the relevance of those who tweet. It was neither “authority” nor “influence” (words that actually meet with some antipathy by users), but “infectiousness”. Moreover, the word “contagiousness” was likewise employed to describe the basic concept, and these words are quite apt because they have less pomp and far more emotional value, or at least less formal implications than those two.

Influence? Authority? Contagiousness? Luminosity? We can call it the way we want. We are going to do it, for the simple reason that – people being people – we like to attach labels to things. We will never reach a consensus, of course. But if we simply want to know who is retweeted the most, then this site will do the honors.

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