What Twitter Can Teach You About Startup SEO

  • September 9, 2013

I know what you’re thinking: How can Twitter teach me anything about startup SEO? But slow down – if you’re willing to suspend your skepticism for a few moments, you might be surprised at how much you can learn from a site based on 140-character messages. Tweets, by definition, cannot be lengthy. They have to…


12 PR Don’ts For Online Entrepreneurs

  • March 18, 2013

When you launched your website, you probably wrote text for a bunch of static sections like About Us, Contact, etc. Don’t forget to check back on those later on and make updates as necessary. Reporters make enough mistakes as it is – the last thing you need is for them to be getting outdated information…

More – The Best Time To Tweet

  • April 8, 2011

TweetWhen.comMany people never stop to think about it, but putting together a successful Twitter campaign goes well beyond what one tweets. While that is obviously important, the time at which the tweets are sent out is every bit as pivotal. It is the same rule that TV or radio advertising goes by, really – no ad is any good if it is broadcast at a time nobody is around to see it. But for some reason, such a concept is often bypassed by people who use Twitter, as if they thought the actual permanence of the tweets went into ensuring their readability.

Well, that should never be taken for granted. What one should do is use a service like Tweet When for figuring out the best time to tweet. That time is the time in which one will get more retweets. And this application can arrive at it simply by being granted access to your Twitter account. You supply your username, your password and then it will analyze the kind of people you interact with. The best time(s) to tweet will there and then be displayed for you to take ready advantage of such information.

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More – Measuring The True Pulse Of Twitter

  • October 4, 2010

TweetBeat.comBye bye, hashtags. That’s the first thing one thinks after taking a good look at this website.

Tweet Beat champions a semantic approach to what was previously done by adding hashtags to the tweets that you were sending out. Now, Tweet Beat can get that very information by doing an analysis of what is being said, and the words that are being employed.

Using the information that it collects, Tweet Beat aggregates the best content that has surfaced (and which is surfacing) on the Twitterverse at any moment in time. It takes into account variables such as how frequently a tweet has been retweeted, along with its overall influence.

As a matter of fact, it is even possible to see when did any topic become a “hot” topic and began picking up pace. And (provided you are logged in) you will be able to jump in and say whatever you fancy. You will be able to cool things down, or provoke the most passionate individuals taking part of the discussion in an equally easy way.

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More – Tweet Using Your Mobile

  • October 3, 2010

Twimply.comTwimply is a new Twitter client that is solely aimed at mobile phone users. It lets them do all the usual operations that one does when tweeting without any kind of outside distractions, and it has been designed to look good in the smallest of screens.

Users of Twimply will be able to update their statuses, reply to direct messages and share their favorite content by retweetng it at will. Also, they will be capable of managing their accounts and both follow/unfollow others.

And Twimply offers some features that are actually quite original and interesting (not to mention useful). For example, integration with Delicious and Instapaper is fully provided. This will let anybody save links in tweets with a minimum of fuss, and give them a closer look when he has the time. Being able to store them like this means they are not going to be overlooked later on.

Moreover, a “Preview” option for these images that are included as part of tweets is provided. That is another nice feature of Twimply, and another which makes it pack that little more punch in the end.

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More – Creating Personalized Retweet Buttons

  • September 10, 2010

Tweetmakr.comIf you own a blog, you are already aware of the importance of giving your visitors the most personalized experience that you can. You know that the more unique you can make your blog look, then the more likely they are to take a true liking to it.

Tweetmakr is a service that will let you customize something that is seldom made customizable: the retweet button that is displayed next to each and every post that you publish.

This means that if you are really witty and you can come up with some memorable blur, people will have yet one more reason for remembering your site – even if they saw it just for one second. That is what every blogger fights for with all his energies, in the end.

As I said above, not that many sites let you customize what this one does. This turns Tweemakr into a service which has a certain exclusivity, and that is always one of the true requisites for a site to become noticed.

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More – Measuring The Popularity Of Tweets

  • May 26, 2010

Resonancers.comBeing featured on Twitter’s homepage is a true sign of recognition. Such a feat is the result of being retweeted or favorited by one of the official Top Tweets accounts such as @toptweets, @toptweets_es or @toptweets_de.

The thing is, Twitter does not notify you when that happens. If you don’t keep an eye on the page in any way or the other you won’t even know your fifteen minutes are running. That is something this service wants to address. It basically provides a ranking for tweeps that is based on the number of times any tweet has been featured on Twitter’s homepage.

Furthermore, you can activate notifications each single time a tweet of yours is favorited or retweeted. If you are promoting anything, such a service will be quite precious.

In this way, determining the influence of tweeps for each language becomes notably easier. Of course, the concept of “influence” is hazy be definition. But I think we all agree here that something like provides an indicator that is more than illustrative.

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More – Learn All About Retweeters

  • March 23, 2010

RetweetFollow.comTo some, retweeting has become an integral part of their Twitter experience to the point that their streams have little in terms of original content – they are made up of nothing but a retweet after the other. The ones who devised the site under review right now obviously took that into account, as RetweetFollow is a search engine for Twitter that enables you to find (and follow) retweeters.

These are found by going through the keywords in their tweeted URLs. In that way, it is easy to determine who is interested in what and build up a list of contacts that share your same interests 100 %.

In addition to being organizable in lists, you can export these fellow Twittereres as a plain text file, and even send them tweets showing your gratitude for the knowledge that they are putting about. Most notably, you can also thank them for retweeting any blog post of yours.

That is one of the true assets of this service – it gives you the chance to know who is tweeting about your original content, and you don’t even have to visit their profiles in order to find that out. You can easily make new allies though such a feature, and marketing anything becomes far easier as a result.

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More – Send Enticing Tweets Automatically

  • February 27, 2010

TweetMiner.netIf you use Twitter to promote any blog or business, you will already have noticed that keeping a steady rate of updates can turn out to be not only tricky, but downright impossible once you have reached a certain point. Some are clever enough to come up with solutions to tackle that conundrum, though, and the site I am introducing you to right now is one of these.

At its most elemental level, Tweet Miner is a content discovery tool that will scour the web for relevant content and then proceed to bring it into your follower’s hands. That is, you can use it to schedule tweets that include only relevant content so that you will keep your users engaged.

The way in which you can discover content is also a comprehensive one, as you can even link posts from RSS feeds in order to keep a steady tweeting schedule. And content can be looked up by workflow, too.

Besides, the provided client makes for managing more than one account at once (and also retweeting and shortening URLs) instantly.

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More – A New Client For Facebook & Twitter

  • February 15, 2010

SocialVisor.comAmbitiously introduced as “The Twitter and Facebook application for people who have a life”, SocialVisor stands as a new client for the ever-popular social networks. The difference? Unlike other popular clients available today, SocialVisor functions in a way that is not that removed from a news or Stock Ticker.

That is, this Facebook and Twitter application runs horizontally, along the top or the bottom of the screen. It doesn’t interfere with what you are doing, yet it is visible at all times. The idea is to let users be as productive as they need to be without missing out on their social networking activity.

Besides, Social Visor comes with a set of functionalities that aim to let you maximize your social experience, or have a very smooth one at the very least. These include the ability to create groups which combine both your Twitter and Facebook friends, as well as displaying Twitter conversations as something akin to a threaded chat for easy reference. Moreover, you can carry out operations like following and unfollowing people as well as retweeting anything from Social Visor instantly. As a result, it can be said that every social essential is covered by this application.

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More – Get The Latest News As They Surface

  • November 25, 2009

Mozzler.comNews aggregators come by the dozen. The fact remains that there is such a demand for services like these that a relatively large number of different aggregators would theoretically be logical, in the same way that there are different TV stations to choose from when it comes to being informed.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the truly exorbitant number of web-based aggregators is justified, but it goes some way into explaining the phenomenon.

Mozzler is a new one, and its main calling card is that it scans Twitter in order to provide you with results that are always up-to-date. That is nothing new, but the novel touch is that you will be able to filter searches by creating channels and specifying the concepts that should be left out.

It works pretty well in practice, and you can sample it firsthand by visiting the site and clicking on any of the streams that have already been created. These are provided on the left-hand side of the main page, and these are as wide-ranging as you could imagine: “iPhone”, “Movie Reviews Of Indie”, “Johannesburg”… I am sure you will find a fitting one for you to put the site to the task.

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More – A New Alternative To Retweeting

  • August 20, 2009

ReTweet.comA service that got a lot of press even before being released, is finally up and running for everybody to do what was (until now) something privative to TweetMeme: retweeting.

These two services are not exactly on speaking terms. Saying they are at each other’s throats is more accurate, and there have already been some legal issues owing to the design of ReTweet (it bears more than a passing resemblance to the one of TweetMeme). The truth is that a site that serves this purpose has to have a structure like this one, with the most recent retweets listed on the main page and a list of categories like “Lifestyle”, “Technology”, “Entertainment” and so forth.

Everybody knows what retweeting is, so there is no need to go into that at any length here. It just must be mentioned that the practice is so widespread that there are a significant number of Twitterers that retweet more than they tweet. If you can’t get around that, simply think of retweeting as a way of spreading voices digitally and you will realize why such a form of communication is so notorious.

The one advantage ReTweet has over TweetMeme is that its name is more memorable, and more reachable – after all, nobody would think of typing in “” if they wanted to retweet and knew nothing about where to head to. But almost everybody would type”” in order to see what crops up.

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More – A New URL Shortener

  • May 21, 2009

Rnk.meShould you want to start collecting something which has to do with the Internet, you might as well start collecting sites that shorten URLs. There are so many that it is impossible to keep track of them, and (to me) that fact only highlights the ever-increasing popularity of Twitter, and the level of interest that goes with it.

This is a new URL shortener for you to add to your collection. It has the usual features plus an added twist: it lets you know all about the popularity of the tweets you put about using the shortened URL, and how many users are retweeting them. Interestingly enough, the site also offers a list of the most accessed redirections for you to weigh up and see what attracts the more attention, and act in consequence.

As it is only customary, a bookmarklet is provided for added convenience. If you try the site out and happen to like it, installing it will certainly not go amiss.

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More – All About Retweets

  • May 21, 2009

Repeets.comRetweeting is a very widespread practice indeed, and it all boils down to human nature. After all, the art of quoting has existed for centuries and it is only natural that such a practice will be carried into upcoming centuries, in a slightly different shape.

That is what retweeting is all about. And that is what this site is all about, too.

You see, is devoted to tracking the hottest retweets that have hit the Twitterverse both recently and in the last couple of weeks. The main page, then, lets you have your pick from three relevant categories: “Today”, “This Week” and “This Month”. Of course, you can also see the most popular retweets of the day on the main page. It is even possible to visualize the top retweets of the hour there.

Twitter has quickly become the one-stop for people looking for information about anything on the web, if only because the format lends itself to constant updates. The emergence of resources like this portal is completely justified, and if you have grown attached to Twitter it might be a good idea to keep it in mind.

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More – Retweets On Your iPhone

  • March 30, 2009

RetweetApp.comThis is one for the many iPhone addicts that are also keen on Twitter. Essentially, it is a tool whereby you can see the most popular retweets on the micro-sharing platform when you are on the go.

I am sure you know what a retweet is, but just in case I will explain that these are tweets that are resent by people by adding “RT” to the tweet itself. Should you be wondering why people do that, the answer is not too hard to come across: it is the easiest way to transmit news and learn about upcoming events.

This app gives you access to that very same information, even if you are not following the original retweeter as the information is displayed as part of a list that you can peruse at will.

Not only that, it also gives you the possibility to retweet on the spot, so that you can become part of the chain of information in a very direct way indeed.

If the above sounds good to you, simply follow the link that is provided on the main page and give the AppStore a visit in order to learn more.

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More – Retweeting Made Smooth

  • March 10, 2009

Pleasert.mePleaseRT is a new solution that address a very widespread practice in the Twitterverse, namely that of retweeting. As anybody knows by now, retweeting is the act of resending a tweet owing to its freshness, novelty or simply because of its usefulness.

This tool makes that process as versatile as it gets, since it appends a code at the end of the tweet that takes anybody straight to a Twitter page where you simply add some information in order to resend the message.

In addition to that, whenever you use this system you have access to some analytics as regards the actual number of retweets the message has merited. The main page also makes a reference to the most retweeted messages as of late.

It is all very easy to put into practice and operate, but a live example is included just in case you need some guidance when it comes to getting started. Just point your browser to the address which is provided below in order to start tweeting back and forth.

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More – The Most Popular Twitterers

  • March 4, 2009

ReTweetability.comBy now, we all are familiar with the term “Retweet”, and the basic implications at play when someone retweets a message – IE, the message must be “good”, hence it was resent to others, and other similar considerations that come to the fore when we talk about the concept.

The ReTweetability Index, then, is an online database that individualizes the most influential/popular/best-loved or whatever-definition-you-feel that-applies users on the Twitterverse.

The opening screen includes a ranking listing these luminaries, whereas two different search tools are displayed: one lets you look up retweeters by topic, whilst the other makes for finding the rank of any Twitter user on the spot.

The site used a word that I found interesting when describing the relevance of those who tweet. It was neither “authority” nor “influence” (words that actually meet with some antipathy by users), but “infectiousness”. Moreover, the word “contagiousness” was likewise employed to describe the basic concept, and these words are quite apt because they have less pomp and far more emotional value, or at least less formal implications than those two.

Influence? Authority? Contagiousness? Luminosity? We can call it the way we want. We are going to do it, for the simple reason that – people being people – we like to attach labels to things. We will never reach a consensus, of course. But if we simply want to know who is retweeted the most, then this site will do the honors.

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More – The World Of Retweeting Exposed

  • January 19, 2009

Retweetist.comRetweeting is one of the new words that are doing the rounds when it comes to the Twitterverse. It is connected with the tricky question of how do we measure the actual significance of a Twitterer, and the way he or she contributes to the scene as a whole.

The basic premise is that of gauging the amount of tweets that are resent by Twitter users – it is propounded that such a practice gives a reliable indication of how popular a Twitterer really is. Moreover, a service like this one doubles as a way of knowing which terms are the most popular on the Twitterverse.

Additionally, the site includes a list of the most retweeted URLs. All this information can be accessed not only at the site, but also by following the team at the pertinent Twitter account.

At the end of the day, the site will let anybody come across the most tweeted terms as of late, and realize who is saying what in the scene. It is not a foolproof way of figuring out the authority of Twitter users, but we are slowly getting there.

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More – Find Any Twitterer’s Retweet Rank

  • January 12, 2009

RetweetRank.comThere is an incurable longing when it boils down to finding out how truly popular a Twitter user is. The two authority searches that have premiered recently offered their own take on the dilemma, and met with strong opposition from certain quarters, whereas others deemed them as an interesting development.

A new service that also gives some kind of indication as regards how popular a Twitterer is can be found at In this particular case, the concept at play is that of “Retweet Rank”. In a nutshell, this is a number representative of how many times a user has been retweeted by others as of late. Again, this means not that much if you take it on its own, but it is a sort of indicator that can complement both Twitority and Twithority.

Maybe the question of how popular a Twitter user is can’t be answered in a single way, and that is why it is nice to see new tools and applications come along. A writer once ventured that the truth has many facets that when taken on its own are not necessarily true – only when taken all together do they give us a good representation of the way things really stand. This might as well apply to the pursuit of the perfect tool for measuring the Twitter standing of any given person. We need a collection of tools – one alone won’t do.

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More – Finding The Most Retweeted Terms

  • January 9, 2009

RetweetRadar.comPresented by Mr. Ben Hendrington, RetweetRadar is a new app that has a concise objective: letting you keep abreast of the information that is retweeted by users of the well-known micro-blogging platform.

That is, through the site you can access the tags representing the information that has been retweeted the most in Twitter. This is presented as a cloud of keywords that spans the last hour that has elapsed. This list is also refreshed every three minutes, and you can update it at will by clicking on the “Now” button.

A link to a blog post which details the creation process for RetweetRadar is likewise included, and it contains a lot of technical information and insight. You are advised to check it out in the event you are weighing up coming up with your very own app, yet are a bit at sea as regards how to carry it out.

Finally, a link to RetweetRadar’s sister site (“Spy”) is also part of the premises, and you might find it worthwhile if you like this website. Essentially, it will allow you to listen to social media conversations.

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