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At The End Of The Day, Only One Line Matters

At The End Of The Day, Only One Line Matters

Unfortunately restaurant reservation software doesn’t address the one thing that determines a restaurant’s health: the bottom line.

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A new business and marketing tool, Text Order is here to let restaurateurs put together a text message ordering system which can be minutely customized, so as to reflect what makes their venues so unique. Using Text Order, they can define their menus item by item, the check-in & check-out codes to be used by their personnel, the responses customers will get when placing an order… Moreover, restaurateurs who use Text Order...

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Matradee is an online restaurant reservation platform. It provides restaurateurs with a ready chance to reduce processing costs, and improve their overall service and revenue. For its part, customers have the chance to make a reservation at their favorite restaurants in just a couple of clicks. And if you don’t know where to find a table, or if you simply want to try something new for a change you can use the provided search...

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