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More – Contrasting Home Repair Bids

  • April 26, 2010

BidsCompare.comWe could describe the Bids Compare website as a user-driven resource in which homeowners can compare bids on residential service quotes. That is, through this site homeowners can find the price others have been quoted in their neighbourhood for the rendering of any residential service, and using that information they will hopefully make a better-informed choice.

Additionally, by signing up for an account homeowners can create an online story of their homes detailing every single time they were repaired and/or renovated. They can always bring to mind who repaired what, and this online story will also come in handy when it comes to resale purposes.

For its part, service providers are given a very good chance to know what the competition is up to, and determine how to best outplay them. They are also provided with some tool such as a free market analysis application that can be used in order to have an even broader understanding of what the clients need and look for. So it can be said that this site will be equally fruitful to the ones looking for services and the ones who are capable of providing them.

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