More – Book Tours Online

  • March 21, 2012

Rezdy.comAn online reservation system for tours, adventures and attractions, Rezdy is the perfect tool for activity operators that want to get their jobs done both quickly and accurately. If you’re one, by implementing Redzy on your site you’ll be able to accept bookings online, and to manage anything that’s connected with your customers. You’ll get all their information in one place. If someone cancels an activity he had booked, then you’ll know about that right away. And you’ll be able to do something to fill that gap, and avoid losing money.

Speaking of which, Rezdy allows people to pay you directly to your bank account. And integration with PayPal is also provided, obviously.

Rezdy is available for a fixed monthly fee, and that fee depends on which paid plan you’ve chosen: “Starter” ($39), “Smarter” ($59), “Pro” ($79) and “Enterprise” ($129). As of the time of writing this, the “Starter” plan is available just for $19, and the “Smarter” plan for $39. And on top of this monthly fee, you’ll have to pay a fee for each reservation that is made (the first 25 are always free).

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More – Handle Online Bookings

  • July 11, 2011

UpBooking.comIf you run an accommodation business, then this is a service you are surely going to find worthwhile. UpBooking stands as a booking engine reservation software that you will be able to integrate into your already-existing website, and use to handle every single reservation which comes through. Users will be able to view all the available slots you have, and choose the one that suits their actual requirements using a really supple interface. They will be able to access all available dates in real time, and make bookings effective using their credits cards.

As a platform, UpBooking has the enormous advantage of being available at just no cost. That is, you (as the owner of the website) can not only have UpBooking deployed into your site without having to pay anything as far as setup goes – you are actually charged nothing for each transaction that is carried through. No booking fees whatsoever are charged by the company. UpBooking is to all intents and purposes a white label software application – you get it, you use it as you see fit.

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More – The Best Hotels To Stay At

  • June 3, 2011

Hoteloogle.comThose of you who are thinking about traveling anywhere should definitely check this site before making any definitive move. Hoteloogle is a search engine for hotels that can go through all the hotel reservation sites currently available on the Internet, and find the best deals for you. Hoteloogle can have prices minutely compared, and it can present you with the best options at once. To give you an idea of the depth of the comparisons Hoteloogle can carry out, it suffices to say that the provided engine can take taxes into account when determining which hotel would be the most suitable of all.

Using the site is as simple as specifying the name of the city you intend to stay at, the date of your stay and how many people are going to be traveling with you. Hoteloogle will look for the best matches in over 200,000 hotels in 20,000 destinations all over the world.

And those of you who want to take a break but who are unsure where to head to will also maximize the site – all the best destinations are highligthed on its homepage. Finding a place to go and disappear for a while could hardly be any easier.

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More – Let Customers Make Reservations Online

  • May 27, 2011 stands as an online reservation tool that can be used at absolutely no cost. Dentists, lawyers, hair & beauty salons, repair shops… all these (and more) will be able to use this flexible browser-hosted tool, and provide their customers with a more convenient context to make reservations. The client will make his booking using his browser, and businesses will avoid incurring into the expenses that receptionists and callback systems always imply. And the service is all the more practical since it can deliver SMS alarms and notifications in a timely way.

Besides, lots of accessory services are provided for those who want to supply an even rounder service. For example, a Facebook booking module is available for these companies that have a strong presence on the Social Web, and that want to let customers make booking through their fanpages. So, those of you who go for are guaranteed to have all the different bases covered.

An online demo is provided for those of you who want to see how this application works – you will get to see it in action in all contexts, including Facebook fanpages.

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More – Mobile Apps For Hotels

  • March 10, 2011

TripCraft.comTripCraft makes it very easy for those in the travel industry to have an active presence on the mobile web. Using this service, hotel information becomes instantly accessible on any mobile device, and bookings can also be made on the spot.

Hoteliers are presented with a dashboard for managing reservations as they come through, and TripCraft also comes with all the necessary resources for communicating one-on-one with guests. Besides, hoteliers will be able to target people by location, and offer them deals that they can but feel attractive.

Also, TripCraft is really practical in the sense that it can be integrated with other technology systems. For example, hoteliers can use it in tandem with the applications they currently use for handling CRM and PMS. This means they are not having to change the way they manage guest activity, or how they make inventory.

Of course, something as vital as analytics showcasing the engagement of users is lprovided. Hoteliers will be able to see how fruitful their marketing efforts are turning out to be, and keep on focusing on what works.

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More – Promote Your Hotel

  • January 19, 2011

Buuteeq.comBuuteeq is a comprehensive marketing platform that lets hotels have a much richer presence on the Internet than ever before. Using Buuteeq, any hotelier can have a fully-featured website that can be accessed on just any device, and the hotel can also begin having a solid presence on Facebook.

One of the most salient features of these hotel websites is letting people make direct reservations (and avoid having to pay an intermediary), and the fact of having the site rendered into other languages by human translators is also a definitive plus. And the site itself can be updated almost immediately since content can be managed in a really dynamic way. This is sure a major improvement over these sites that are essentially static, and that necessitate you contact the one who developed it in order to change anything (IE, the vast majority of hotel websites out there).

As a service, Buuteeq is billed annually. There are three paid plans (Core, Pro and Ultra) and a free one that will let you get acquainted with everything before going full-on for the service. But note that only the Pro and Ultra plans come with full marketing capabilities (including detailed reports and analytics).

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More – Take Online Reservations

  • January 18, 2011

ScheduleThing.comSchedule Thing is an online reservation system that can be used by businesses of just any kind. People will be able to book simple appointments or make reservations that require the availability of multiple resources at once in an equally easy way.

This is accomplished via a booking site that lets customers view availability and make reservations in real time. Each company that registers for a Schedule Thing account has one such site generated for it the very moment it has signed up, and (as it was only to be expected) this booking site can be customized and branded at will.

There are three different plans to choose from: Small Business, Medium Business and Large Business. They all have an unlimited amount of reservation types, but they are different when it comes to the maximum number of allowed resources (IE, the people or things that can be reserved). And a free plan is also available, and it can be used for as long as you want. This is limited to just one reservation type and two resources.

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More – Take Bookings Online

  • January 10, 2011

SeatSimple.comSeatSimple is a new booking system that works entirely online. Reservations can be taken both from websites and Facebook pages, with all the advantages that such a thing entails to customers. They simply make the reservation by furnishing some basic information, and then SeatSimple acts as a sot of intermediary that gets in touch with the provider, makes the reservation and then sends an email back to the customer confirming that the reservation has indeed been made.

And as far as business owners are concerned, they will be able to use all the information provided by users to create customized promotions, and have them delivered right away.

And promotions are as agile as they can be since Twitter is used to spread the word, in an automated way. In this way, the fact of taking online reservations is turned into something truly comparable to a whole social affair. The true return potential of any person who ever makes a booking is exploited to the full.

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More – For Hotel Managers Over The World

  • August 5, 2010

Clerk.imAn application that is meant to be used by hotel managers, is a true administration tool that comes in four different incarnations, including one that is entirely free.

In every case, the manager will be able to take care of rooms, clients, reservations and services via a web-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere an Internet connection is available. The provided dashboard makes signing up new clients and allocating rooms something entirely easy, and any staff member will be able to take care of it should that be necessary. Reservations are also dealt with in the easiest way you can imagine, as it is a mere matter of picking the arrival and departure dates for a room to be reserved.

As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are four different plans to choose from. They go by the names of “Clerk Free”, “Clerk Basic”, “Clerk Plus” and “Clerk Full”.

The main difference lies in the number of reservations that can be made per month – the free plan comes with 70, whereas the most expensive plan makes for an unlimited number of reservations.

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More – Find The Best Place To Stay At

  • July 15, 2010

MetroFlats.comIn case you are looking for accommodations for your next holidays, could be worth a visit. In case you are looking for a tool to help you find the New York rentals that meet your needs, this might be a useful website to visit. This website is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to vacation rentals in New York and other cities in the United States.

In addition, includes a search engine to help you find the New York rental listings you could need. The site features information on everything regarding vacations in New York, Minneapolis and Dunedin. is the site you should stop by in case you want to find the New York rentals that meet your needs. Next time you need information to be prepared for your vacations in New York, can be an interesting option to consider.

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More – Book A Table Using Twitter

  • May 26, 2010

Tweservation.comTweservation is a comprehensive Twitter resource for restaurants. Restaurateurs can use it in order to market any event that is forthcoming, whereas people can employ it to book tables in an entirely practical (and also natural) way.

Restaurant owners can use this platform in order to promote events and deals and make these promotions reach a public much wider than the one they would be reaching out otherwise.

For its part, the one advantage of making a reservation like this is that the booking is made immediately – you don’t have to leave a voicemail, and you don’t have to wait for an email to be returned either. It is all as immediate as anything we associate with Twitter.

The Tweservation app is available for users of all major smartphones which are currently in the market. That includes iPhones, Blackberries and Androids. Installing and launching it is as easy as 1-2-3, and you will be ready to start browsing though the available venues in no time at all.

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More – Host Stand Webware For Restaurants

  • March 23, 2010

SaveMyTable.comSave My Table is a web-based restaurant host stand software. Its main functionalities include automatic wait-list and reservation management, the ability to accept online reservations, and the option to page guests both by phone and by text message when the table is ready.

When paged, parties they reply by sending a text message and the reply will appear automatically on the host’s screen (next to the seating notification).

For its part, online reservations are instant and they come at no additional cost. They are confirmed on the spot, and they can be taken from any restaurant’s website, or from any website that has the featured drop-in widget.

Save My Table also makes for implementing e-mail campaigns in order to draw more people in, and without necessitating the purchase of new hardware at all. These campaigns will let you keep in touch with your regular customers, too.

This service is provided at a flat monthly fee. As it was mentioned above, you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware – any computer that can access the Internet will do. And discounts for owners of multiple restaurants are provided.

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More – Restaurant Management Made Simple

  • March 22, 2010

BlueSkiesHMS.comBlue Skies is a startup company that provides a comprehensive range of tools and applications that are aimed at the hospitality industry. Taken as a whole, they form a platform whereby restaurateurs can manage every aspect of their businesses, control costs, and handle online reservations in a smooth way.

The ability to take care of reservations though the Web is actually this suite’s main point of interest, since people can book a table not only straight through any restaurant’s website but also via social sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Besides, restaurant owners are provided with the ability to analyze the ones making the reservation. That knowledge can eventually be used to boost the venue’s appeal and market specialties more efficiently.

Coming back to the management capabilities of this platform, the budgets for food and beverage can easily be parceled, whereas financial difficulties can be spotted before they becomes an irrevocable problem. And staff can be scheduled and monitored at all times, too. In that sense, it can be said that if we take the provided functionalities and combine them as one true operational awareness is achieved.

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More – Reserve A Table Anywhere In The US

  • January 28, 2010

Matradee.comMatradee is an online restaurant reservation platform. It provides restaurateurs with a ready chance to reduce processing costs, and improve their overall service and revenue.

For its part, customers have the chance to make a reservation at their favorite restaurants in just a couple of clicks.

And if you don’t know where to find a table, or if you simply want to try something new for a change you can use the provided search functionality and see what crops up. This will let you supply the City and State that you are located in and the ZIP Code, and then pick the type of cuisine from the provided drop down menu. This is comprehensive enough in itself – it includes seafood, sandwiches, pizza, vegan and steak along with most nationalities.

Besides, this booking platform makes for sharing your reservations with your friends through social media, so that planning a great night out with your acquaintances is made somehow suppler through it.

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Restaurant – Online Reservation System

  • November 27, 2008

Restaurant Reservations.comRestaurant Reservations is an online restaurant guide and reservation system that allows eateries to connect with new and regular customers.

With Restaurant Reservations restaurants will be able to advertise and promote events, and customers will be able to make bookings electronically instead of calling in as they would have previously.

The site gives restaurants the ability to put together databases of customers and allow them to give their business a personal feel to its guests.

The site offers restaurants, concierges, and administrative professionals a quick and efficient manner of finding tables that for specific types of cuisine, location, time, and price range. The reservations made on the site are free of charge and can be made on a 24/7 basis.

Because the site is directly connected to a reservations database system, the search results reflect ‘real-time’ availability, and they are instantaneously recorded in the same electronic reservation book used by the restaurant.

Restaurant Reservations is the perfect fit for those restaurants that don’t have a computer on location. Through the reservation system, these establishments can opt to receive their reservations via fax while the site’s online reservations system manages the reservations.


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More – Get Married In Bahamas

  • July 23, 2008

MyOutIslands.comThis site is much better that the main door to paradise, heaven, Eden, or any synonym. Myoutislands.

com is your online guide to the Out Islands of The Bahamas, a place like you wouldn’t believe it existed on Earth. There’s a collection of islands in The Bahamas with over 55 world-class resorts and boutique hotels that appeal to true connoisseurs of Caribbean island life and unique vacation destinations. These are quiet islands ideal for relaxing and reconnecting, for fantasy weddings and honeymoons, for the ultimate in fishing, diving, and eco-travel vacations. An Out Islands Bahamas vacation is about the beautiful beaches, the warm gin-clear water, unspoiled nature, lively music, friendly locals, and amazing sunsets. They provide an opportunity to disengage from the daily slog and then to reconnect with what’s important: your relationship with loved ones, with the natural environment and most of all with yourself. Get to the navigation bar at the top to learn where to stay, what to do, and how to plan your perfect wedding or honeymoon.

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More – Start Planning Your Trip

  • July 23, 2008 is a website that provides information about, and the opportunity to check availability and make online reservations at the Monterey Bay Suites.

This new renovated boutique hotel features luxurious all-suite oceanfront and angle oceanfront accommodations while offering the comfort and convenience of home in a beautiful setting. Spending your vacations at this hotel is very relaxing; you can enjoy its full breakfast buffet, its outdoor and indoor pools and decks, and many luxurious amenities more. This oceanfront suite features two queen beds, one wall bed, living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and private balcony. In order to check for availability all you have to do is select your check in and check out date, specify number of people and rooms, and press the search button at the section named Start Your Search located at the right hand side of the homepage. Next to this section you will find a list with the great deals, the specials, golf packages, and tee times.

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More – Book Hotels Online

  • July 21, 2008 is appealing to those who are planning to travel and need to find cheap accommodation. This is the official website of Rezserver, a company specialized in hotel online booking at affordable prices. This site features information on everything regarding cheap hotels and the hotel terms and conditions. Many users stop by this site to search for any hotel they are interested in with just a click.

Do you want to stay at a hotel in Salt Lake City? Are you looking for the best suites? Then , in case you are interested in finding cheap accomodation, you will find a useful site to visit. In addition, this site will let you browse for accommodation, ranging from Days inns, hotels in Fort Lauderdale and hotels in Philadelphia, to hotels in Denver and hotels in Savannah.

Feel free to stop by next time you are looking for inns and suites.

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More – King Of the Valley

  • July 16, 2008

Attitash.comThis is the online version of a hotel and resort that claims to be the king of the valley. Located on New Hampshire, Attitash features a beautiful landscape of snowy mountains and high peaks.

Whether you’re cruising down its Slides or cooling off on a hot summer day by splashing down one of its four waterslides, Attitash has everything for that perfect summer vacation. Relax on a guided horseback tour through the forest and meadows along the Saco River or take it up a notch with miles of downhill and cross-country mountain bike trails in the White Mountain National Forest. You’ll find something for everyone at Attitash in summer, including the little ones: the resort now offers pony rides for children under 8 years old. Through you can access all the information you need to know before your stay, including hours, rates, facilities, and more. Enter the lodging section at the top of your screen to find out more about online reservations.

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More – The Online Airport Guide

  • July 8, 2008

GSPAirport.comThe Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport has developed an informative website that is thought to represent a useful tool for every visitor who wants to get information about the airport and its services. Indeed, at Gspairport.

com you can access relevant information about this airport located in Upstate South Carolina, since the site is permanently updated with ultimate news and announcements. Here travelers can find out everything about arrivals, departures, and the whole flight schedule. Besides, the site also provides you with real-time flight status and a real-time FlightView map, through which you can check any particular flight as if you were in the plane. Check the links on the left hand side of your screen to see all the services, including maps, directions, airlines, taxis, aeronautical information, and much more. If you are traveling next week, don’t miss the opportunity to make a quick reservation online at the homepage, indicating destination, departure and return dates, and all the necessary conditions.

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