More – Resell Digital Music

  • October 17, 2011

ReDigi.comLeaving aside how successful or not it might turn out to be, ReDigi is the sort of service that gets everybody’s attention for the simple reason that it’s disruptive in itself. In essence, ReDigi provides people with a marketplace in which they can sell any piece of digital music they’ve ever purchased. This means that users of ReDigi can get pre-owned music for half the price, and support the original artists while doing so.

So, ReDigi is not a site for the sharing of copyrighted material but rather a spot where data (IE, music) can be transferred legally. ReDigi verifies all that people are listing on the site has been purchased legally. If it hasn’t, then it can’t be sold there. And ReDigi manages all the items that are posted for sale within the sellers’ music libraries, so that nobody will be able to get away with selling the same song twice.

Startups like this one revive the good old debate of whether digital music can be sold or not since those who have bought it in the first place haven’t really purchased it but rather licensed it. There’s too much grey areas there, and while trying to get to the bottom of it all is an interesting intellectual exercise, it’s also true that startups like ReDigi tend to take the brunt of record companies that always take umbrage at those who come along to blur the lines of something that took them so long to figure out like the Internet. ReDigi has been created prior consultation with law firms in Boston, New York and LA, and it has taken all the steps it could take in order not to break the law. But digital music has still got so many quagmires that I wouldn’t be surprised to see some legal reactions before too long.

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More – Just Like Craiglist But For Groupon

  • June 16, 2010

CoupRecoup.comDeals on sites like Groupon, Tippr and Living Social are so tempting that one might end up buying something he has no real use for. Well, that is what this startup is here for: to let you do something productive with what was bought impulsively, and have it resold to people who are actually interested in that particular deal.

As it is correctly pointed out on the site, CoupRecoup is the spitting image of Craiglist for “Deal of The Day” sites.

This new online marketplace is available to just anybody, and it can be used for free both by resellers and buyers. Resellers simply post the deal and the price they are asking for it, and buyers browse deals based on their actual geographical locations. No fees have to be paid for using the site, not even when a transaction is successfully carried to completion.

Ultimately, the true value of the site lies in the fact that it will give people who missed a hot deal when it was originally featured a second chance of getting it. And those who made an impulsive decision and bought something they have no real use for will recover at least part of the money they had spent.

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More – Fashion Retail Store

  • September 5, 2009

Are you looking for women’s designer clothing? If that is so, might be a good option for you to bear in mind. The site offers a variety of women’s designer consignment clothing and women’s designer accessories for sale. Also, it lets you browse for recycled designer apparel and recycled designer accessories. is visited by many women looking for discount designer clothing and designer women’s footwear. That is because it features a variety of designer footwear, such as loafers and formal shoes. Those who want to buy discount fashion accessories can stop by this website to browse for scarves, belts and hats.

It is also possible for you to find vintage clothing for sale, along with vintage accessories and handbags. The vast catalog includes furs and jewelry products, as well. To sum up, next time you want to buy designer clothing and designer women’s shoes, might be useful.

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More – Sell Back Your Old Electronics

  • July 24, 2007

SecondRotation.comThe services provided by give you the chance to buy cheap mobile phones and sell used cell phones. Buy and sell used mp3 players, find iPhones for sale, along with wholesale electronics offers. You will be able to sell old stuff from Second Rotation, and get cash for your gadgets.

With you can buy cheap mobile phones and sell mobile phones as well. If you want to learn how to recycle your used cell phones, and find iPhones for sale and wholesale electronics, then you might visit this site. In addition, you can sell mobiles and sell used mp3 players, as well as buy cheap mobiles and sell old stuff.

Remember next time you want to buy cheap mobiles or mp3 players. From this site you can also sell used mobile phones, find iPhones for sale, and browse the electronics wholesale offers. You can learn how to recycle and sell old stuff, and sell mobile phones online.

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