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  • October 22, 2007

Itracks.comWant to reach the specific audience you are targeting? If so, visit this site. Itracks.

com provides an online services, software, and solutions for the market research industry. They offer quantitative and qualitative research, and also research software. Quantitative research includes online surveys, mobile surveys, CATI surveys, sample source, online reporting, data tabulation, and virtual call center network. On the other hand, qualitative research consists of online focus groups, bulletin boards, qualmetrix that reveal new insights from the difficulty of emotional response in any research plan, recruiting and imarkit which is an innovative concept testing tool that makes available rich visual feedback. Their research software gives researchers the possibility to customize not only the software development but also the panel development which is an in-house panel that gives you complete control with greater flexibility and quicker turnaround time than outsourcing.

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