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More – Collective Sketching

  • January 27, 2008

SwarmSketch.comThis site is a project to sketch the world’s collective conscious. What it does is to randomly choose one weekly popular search topic, and to allows users to sketch one continuous line, which adds up to what other users have already sketched, so the drawing builds up thanks to the contribution of all users.

Interestingly, once you’ve used up your drawing line, the system randomly chooses other lines drawn by users that visited the site before you, and you can regulate it’s color (in grayscale), so that you can continue to build this collective map of internet consciousness and mass behavior. Interestingly, users can watch an animation on the progress of the sketch in order to see what where the first contributions were and how the sketch has progressed during the week it was being drawn. The site was developed as a part of a University project, and thus the statistics on the origin of the people that have contributed to the sketching project are profuse, as is the directory of links to similar projects in the web.

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