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  • December 12, 2011

UnemployedProfessors.comThese unreasonable college professors, making you stay indoors all through the weekend, working on these insanely-tricky term papers… it’d be terrific if you could get a person with the same qualifications as your professors to get any paper done. A person with a comparable knowledge might as well make your professors scratch their chins when correcting your papers. Ha. Make them take twice as long to get the job done. That’ll show them what it feels like having to stay inside, working all around the clock. And that’s exactly what this new service is all about. lets you hire the services of writers that hold advanced graduate degrees. Or (to put it in even clearer words) people who think like any of your professors do. They know how they’d write the papers themselves.

The way the site works, you just have to create a listing for the members of the Unemployed Professors team to bid on it. You’ll be able to check their profiles, so that picking the one who is more knowledgeable is always really simple. Once your mind’s made up and you’ve chosen one, you’ll pay him through the site, and get a copy of your paper to print and submit to your professor with an impish grin on your face.

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More – A Place for Scientists to Connect

  • July 31, 2008

LabMeeting.comDespite what you think, scientists have friends too. When not stuck looking into microscopes and petri dishes, they enjoy good conversations and company too, albeit, many prefer to wax about genomes and nanobots rather than football and Britney Spears.

So now, there’s a social network that caters to the scientific set. It’s called LabMeeting, and rather than being a place to SuperPoke and share silly pictures, it’s a place to share lab papers with fellow lab members. It makes paper management a lot easier too, because LabMeeting allows members to upload files, PDF’s etc to its site and then organizes them for you allowing for super easy search options. Students and teachers alike can use it to keep track of projects and work, or to critique, mark up, and rank papers. It’s a free community for individuals and students; for corporate users, however, there will be a fee.

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