More – A Rescue System Of Its Very Own

  • August 10, 2010

Rescu.meOne of the inherent risks of blind dates is that your chances of ending up stuck with the dullest person on the continent are never marginal. To be fair, sometimes it is not a case of the other person being “dull”; it is just that you and that person are completely incompatible.

While some can see that straightaway and agree to leave the date at that, there are people who just can’t read the signals right. And is the right service to keep in mind in case you are ever stuck with such a person again.

In essence, is a service whereby you can request to receive a SMS or even be called when things are getting just too much to handle. To get this system to work you simply have to send a SMS along with a number to (206) 866-5924. The number that you have to include represents the time that is going to elapse before you actually receive the message, or are called.

And in order to be called, all you have to do is use the command “CALL”. You can even include the message that is meant to be spoken to make it all look more natural.

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