More – Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

  • June 27, 2008 is the website of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, a service that aims to be a leader in public safety, community service, and crime control.

The sheriff’s office strives to integrate the community policing philosophies of developing partnerships with its community and maintaining a high quality of life through collaborative problem solving. To that end, it provides quality law enforcement, detention, court security, and homeland security services to the citizens and visitors of Charlotte County. This website is thought to be an important service to accomplish those objectives, since it puts many useful resources at the visitor’s disposal. At the homepage you can access information about divisions, facilities, local crime, and crime prevention. You can even report a crime through this site by entering the Report and Solve Crimes. Check other interesting features at the homepage, such as the community event calendar, traffic enforcement advisories, and news about processes and requests.

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More – Requests to UK Public Officials

  • May 19, 2008

WhatDoTheyKnow.comGovernments are known for their secrecy; however, their citizens do have a right to know what they are up to, which is where WhatDoTheyKnow comes in. Still a work in progress, the site offers UK citizens a means to find out what their government is doing—how it’s spending your hard earn tax money.

Users simply write a note to any public authority listed on the site, and WhatDoTheyKnow will send it off. Government officials are compelled to share information under the Freedom of Information Act. If you do get a response it will be published on the website for everyone to see and read—currently all requests are made public. Additionally, users can request public authorities to be added to the database. Recent responses are tracked on the homepage.

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More – Have Fun Humiliating Others

  • December 17, 2007 is a site where you the user gets to control the actions of an individual who is broadcasted on the site.

Register on the site create a user name and sign in before every session, the site outlines when the next broad cast will take place. Once you are signed in you can submit requests, things for the individual to do. For example there is an episode where a man is walking through the street in New York city, as a user you can request that he starts to do the chicken dance or sing a song, or ask an old lady on a date. Submit your requests and users vote on the best one. The best requests are then relayed to the individual by cell phone and the individual must perform the request. At the moment the individuals are humiliating themselves for free but in the future they will be compensated. The individuals being filmed are usually actors or comedians. The sessions can be really funny because the bystanders have no idea that the person is being taped. Have fun controlling people at

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