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How To Use Twitter To Connect With Would-Be Customers

  • January 24, 2014

Twitter is an online service that allows you to post short messages that can be read by your business’ followers and potential customers. Tweets are limited to 140 characters; these messages can be re-Tweeted, or “shared,” among Twitter users. Follow these tips to connect with potential customers…


Why You Should Give A Damn About Your Bad (Digital) Reputation

  • June 25, 2013

In days gone by, the only reputations most people were concerned with were the ones in the ‘real world.’ No one ever considered online reputations. But in recent years, digital reputations have become very important; they can have significant implications. People and businesses that are active online have…


7 Steps To Raise Startup Money From A Family Member

  • April 23, 2013

My family immigrated from Lima, Peru to the United States before I was born to give me a shot at the American dream. I owe everything I’ve achieved so far to my parents, which is why it’s my goal to support them financially as they get older. Somewhat paradoxically, to achieve this goal, I raised $5,000 from…


6 New Business Trends For 2013

  • December 28, 2012

Oh, change is most certainly in the air. In fact, that’s apparently what the Mayan calendar debacle was all about – not the end of the world but a shift or change in consciousness. Beyond the metaphysical, businesses should expect a few tangible changes in the new year that may shift the way they run and…


BuzzDing.Com – Online Reputation Management

  • February 2, 2009

BuzzDing.ComThis website promotes a product that monitors a variety of online networks including most social networks.

Managing your online reputation is a key in being successful these days.

You need a tool that makes it easy and gives you power.

If you have a company and you want internet users to find only the information you want them to get about it, this is a solution that will be very beneficiary to you.

When your product, company name or other various phrases are found you can manage those findings through an online app.

Among the many utilities this product offers, you will find not only a very high standard reputation monitoring, but also different tools for you to screen your future employees.

These kinds of solutions are especially useful when it comes to hear your customers’ needs and inquiries about your company services or products.

Just by tracking popular topics using the keywords ad phrases you will be able to find blogs and social networks with the desired topics.

There are lots of more utilities you will find by using this tool. If you are a job seeker, a blogger, as well as if you represent a company or you are involved in the marketing area, this is a website you should take a look at.


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More – We Will Fight For Your Name

  • January 30, 2009

ReputationArmor.comThis company is in charge of helping businesses as well as individuals to remove all the information about their profiles that is on the internet and can be found by search engines.

In this way, clients have the necessary freedom to manage their online reputations.

By erasing all the negative information about them from the internet, the search engine results will not show all the undesired details. On the other hand, only the information the client wants to be known will be shown on the results.

This company uses a system that makes the unwanted information not to be easily found by internet searchers.

In addition to this, users can get the traditional SEO service, as well to press release services.

This business was created with the intention of being unique and it is actually growing very fast in the industry.

If you get this company’s services you will get high quality results trough the most innovative and creative reputation management techniques in the world.

If you thing you need to erase some wrong or inconvenient information about you from the internet, click on this site.

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