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  • July 30, 2009

RepublicProject.comBeing an avid music fan, I couldn’t help but take an immediate liking to a site like The Republic Project. In very general terms, it is a sort of community where fans can interact with their favorite artists, who are part of the Republic itself.

Moreover, by becoming a part of the Republic the fan can have its say in the creative process, and let artists know whether they are making the best decisions or if they are recording the equivalent to Elton John’s “Victim Of Love” album.

It is immediately clear that the site is run by fans, and that it was created for fans. The one aspect that comes to mind time and again is the actual artists that are featured. That is the main hook a service like this can have. I mean, if they could bring in someone like Radiohead we would have the project of the decade. But maybe that is not the idea. Maybe it is all about getting to know young artists and be with them from their humble beginnings to the highest height they will reach. As I said, for music fans like me this is an interesting site bar none. If you happen to be one yourself too I am sure it will be 100% in your wavelength.

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