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  • January 27, 2008 The New RepublicThis site is the official site of the journal The New Republic, which concentrates uniquely on politics and culture. The homepage has the top stories of the moment, and on the right there is a column with the last 2 weeks, specifying each day which where the top news.

Also, there is another section in the homepage were we can see the TNR blogs. To read the comments posted in the blogs, one must not have an existing account with TNR, however in order to post logging in is compulsory. It is important to highlight that getting an account is completely free of charge. Another service provided in the homepage is a powerful search engine, if you type in a keyword for the story you are looking for, the site will list all the stories that have that keyword incorporated. In case you want to get TNR newsletters to your own email inbox, you are offered the opportunity to get them just by inserting your email address and selecting if you are interested in politics or culture (or both). On the other hand, you just might be interested in receiving the TNR journal, so you have the option to do so typing in your personal information (this is not free of charge). The New Republic

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