DataCracker: A Game Changer In Survey Analysis

  • August 9, 2013

Whether your are collecting data in hopes of getting a better sense of your clients’ needs, or looking for a way to augment an investment proposal, chances are you are going to be looking at piles of survey information, and will need to come up with a way of processing and sharing this newfound wealth of…

More – Artprice is Your Online Art Auction Headquarters

  • August 16, 2012

Online auction sites allow for access to more products than other types of auctioneering set ups do. At you will be viewing auctions on art objects designed and developed from artists from around the world with thorough reports that refer to trends in each country around the globe that the artists in the data bank at come from.

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More – Find Out The Best Price

  • January 2, 2012

How can you know if you are paying a fair price for some product you are about to buy online? One way to get an idea may be to check in the most successful e-commerce sites, like eBay or But what if you are missing a better deal from a less popular site? is the tool that was missing on the world wide web to help users find the best prices for any product.

But is useful for sellers too. If you need to sell old furniture, a smart phone, or even a car, this webpage will help you to decide which will be the best price to set on your listing.

Thus, works as a price guide, and has over 130 million listings gathered from every selling site on the internet to give the average numbers that are being paid for any product. You will be benefited from listing your items for sale at regular prices that will guarantee the buyer’s acceptance and make the purchase. Also, when you need to buy something, checking the prices on Priceonomics will give you the confidence if you are paying a fair price for that listing you discovered.

Because of the popularity of e-commerce worldwide, it is more probable than not that you will end up buying anything on the web, because of the better prices you could find and also because of the comfort of doing it without leaving your home or your office. The more information you can have as a buyer, the more power you will have to get the best deals. And charging the right price when you sell anything does a lot for costumer satisfaction and confidence, increasing your chances to win that sale over other competitors.

All of this thanks to Because the site has just started, at the moment they give price estimates for a few categories, such as “Transportation”, “Computers” “Phones”, or “Gaming”. However, they aim to “cover just about anything you might want to buy or sell”. Great, then.

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More – Check Public Court Records Online

  • September 11, 2009

RecapTheLaw.orgAre you familiar with any service that gives you the chance to contribute with others? On this site you will find an attractive source of information you may be interested in. In fact, RECAP can be actually described as a project hold by the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University.

RECAP is an “add on” for the Firefox web browser that gives users the possibility to create a free and open store of public court records. Yes, this is all about records and you will greatly enjoy it by giving this site a visit now.

You will be allowed to contribute with other users with documents they can buy from PACER. In this way you will have the chance to store them in a public repository hosted by the Internet Archive. One of the best things about this site is that it will give you the opportunity to save money and time in a very simple way.

In case you want to be benefited with this service it will be a good idea that you learn about it first. Feel free to learn more about this site at

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More – A Network For Fishermen

  • September 8, 2009

FellowFishermen.comAs its name aptly puts it, Fellow Fishermen is nothing but a social networking site for fishermen. The interactivity that characterizes such social resources translates here in the fact that members can show off their catches as well as sharing fishing photos and videos.

Moreover, they can find new places to go fishing with interactive maps, and let others know all about these hotspots that they have found, and which are a little off the beaten track.

For its part, Twitter integration has been taken care of and automatic tweets about fishes that members catch are sent out for all to know what other network members are up to.

On the other hand, those who become registered users can also submit business listings. for fishing charters, guides, trips and tackle shops, and these business listings can be browsed a la Google Maps. Further resources include the ability to check local weather reports in order to figure out when is a good time to go fishing, as well as the ability to create groups and write fishing blogs.

As you can see, there is no aspect left unattended here. Those who are known to cast a line and those who provide them with the resources to do so are taken into account, and the site is bound to leave everybody reasonably happy. If fishing is either your pastime or your chosen sport, you are bound to derive a lot of uses from it.

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More – Start Saving Time Now

  • May 1, 2009

ReportBox.comYour time should be of the most important things in your life. Students usually complain about the fact that writing reports is not fun at all.

In fact, almost every student reacts negatively to the fact they need to write them. What about professors? Teachers also need to write endless reports about many things, and they cannot do anything about that.

In case you are a professor and you are looking for an alternative tool that will let your write your reports in a much more effective and fast way, this is going to be a nice site for you to give a visit.

The ReportBox was especially created, designed and developed with the intention to save your time and diminish the annoying task of writing end-of-term reports.

On this site you will find all the information you need in order to get a detailed description of a solution that allows you to write, check and print all your reports in a very simple and fast way. You can start preparing yourself to enjoy your free time because end term papers’ harsh times are gone.

One of the most annoying things about writing reports is the fact that is extremely hard to plan ahead the time you will expend on them. No more copying and pasting comments between your word documents, no more pain.

This website has all the answers you need in order to learn more about how ReportBox works. In case you are a professor and you think you deserve more free time see all the benefits of this service and or start saving time now.

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More – Free SWOT Analysis Reports

  • April 2, 2009

WikiSWOT.comYou might not be familiar with the expression “SWOT”, but you surely know what the term “Wiki” refers to. Explaining the former is therefore necessary before reviewing this portal.

Basically, a SWOT analysis is a planning tool that is employed to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats inherent to any project or company. As it is pointed out online, “it involves identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable/unfavorable for businesses to succeed”.

This site, then, lets users not only read a wide collection of SWOTs but also improve them collaboratively. This way, individuals spanning industries and companies ranging far and wide can do research and prepare themselves for the task at hand, and if anybody feels he can make a contribution he can do so on the spot.

Ultimately, this repository of SWOT frameworks can provide anybody with the necessary resources to avoid the obvious blunders and know where to focus his attention. More than 20 industries are accounted for, so that chances are you will find something for you in here.

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More – Marketing And More

  • March 10, 2009

TheCustomerHelpdesk.comThis site provides a very convenient service. This is the place where you will be able to find want you are looking for in when it comes to getting a wide variety of services.

In case you are interested in getting very interesting services, tyou need to know that this is an online portal you can open to know more about marketing, as well as the different ways you can take to find a job. In addition to this, the site has all the options about marketing that you have been looking for.

This site gives you the option to get into different sections. One of them has to do with a very effective marketing magazine called “7 figure secrets”, where you will find a very convenient newsletter about marketing.

Other sections include places where you will be able to find technical support, as well as job reviews, in addition to many other convenient things.

If you want to participate on a forum section on marketing, this website seems to be the right place for you to share your points of view about many topics.

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More – Email Marketing Services

  • February 28, 2009

Contactology.comContactology is a company that is focused on providing marketing services. However, not just any marketing service, they provide the marketing service that we all love to hate.

.. e-mail marketing! Sighs! However not all is lost for contactology, because they promise that their e-mail marketing is appealing to customers and that they market in a way that is not annoying. Also, they have a nice colour scheme!

This company alleges that they will be able to provide you with an unparalleled service that will empower all “permission-based” e-mails. The reason why they claim this is because they say they have high deliverability. In other words, they know that their mail is SPAM and that they don’t want it end up in the SPAM-box. The way in which they increase their deliverability is by giving you tools and templates that let you create e-mails that people will like to read and receive. Also, they employ feedback loops, white lists and authentication to increase the amount of deliverable e-mails.

As an added service, they also provide reports to track how well your campaigns are going. Also, you perform online surveys and forms to know how the customers feel about the e-mail you are sending them and how it can be improved over time to make those people happier and of course ultimately sell more!

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BharatBook.Com – Market Research Online

  • February 10, 2009

BharatBook.ComEssentially, Bharat Book Bureau could be defined as the most important market research data aggregator. The company specializes in making possible for its clients to get reports, as well as company profiles, in addition to newsletters, country information and all kinds of information.

One of the most interesting things about this online database is the fact that it gets, stores, and delivers information about for the past twenty years of the country.

This information is very useful to a wide number of organizations like government departments, educational institutions, as well as companies, consulting firms etc.

If you work at a global company, or you are planning to expand the services your company already provides, this could be a very useful tool for you to explore new markets.

In this way you can get very well informed before starting up or expanding you business.

At you will find a very useful effective and fast online resource in order to meet your business intelligence information requirements.

Bharat Book Bureau website is an easy access to more than 10,000 market reports of various sectors.

The company offers an accurate report according to the client’s needs, in addition to the fact that it takes care of the personalized research if the report does not fulfill the client’s need.


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More – High Quality Market Information

  • January 8, 2009

Aarkstore.comAarkstore Enterprise is a company that sells all kinds of business books collections, as well as market information. The products this company offers are directly focused on every significant movement at global economy, as well as on industrial deep analysis and their interaction.

This site works with highly qualified specialists, and makes possible for the users to get access to all kinds of in depth market reports. These reports are sorted by industrial types and by geographic areas. Additionally, this site is free of charges.

This solution is could be very useful for those who want to be precisely informed in order to take major decisions about their business or investments. In this way, users can make sure that they decisions can be supported by those who know the market the most.

At you have a secure and trustable source in order to get your country’s reports, participate in conferences related to the topics you are interest in, and explore all the market sectors you whish. Now you can enjoy the benefits by using the information you will be able to find at this site.

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More – Euromonitor International Website

  • July 29, 2008

Euromonitor.comThis is the website of Euromonitor International. It offers quality international market intelligence on industries, countries, and consumers.

They have over 30 years of experience publishing market reports, business reference books, online information systems, and bespoke consulting projects. You can explore the website by the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Industries that includes all the industries’ fields that they have made reports about; Countries, where you will find information about the different countries in the world and how you can do business using their books and reports; Bookstore where you can shop online their books; and Databases and Consulting. Their online information databases on industries, countries and consumers integrate international market statistics with strategic, insightful comment and reports. They also provide customized research solutions for clients across a wide range of industries. At the About section you will find an overview of the company, some key facts, and information about their online systems.

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More – Math And Science Studies

  • July 22, 2008

ExpandingYourHorizons.orgMuch of the world progress is due to technology and science. Fortunately, many people have dedicated their whole lives to investigate and find new solutions for making life easier, longer, and better.

If you are a woman and you are interested in sciences in general, you might find this site interesting. At you will have the chance to learn more about science and mathematics. They are a math and science network that is trying to promote individual programs for women interested in science. The members are mainly educators, scientists, mathematicians, parents, government representatives, and community leaders that created the network in 1974. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing: their history, mission and goals, annual reports, sponsors, etc. Some of this latter are: Chevron, Ford Foundation, Dow Chemical, Boeing, IBM, Bank America Foundation, Applied Materials, Exxon, etc.

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More – Streamline your Performance Reports

  • July 19, 2008

AnalyticsView.comWorking with Google Analytics to provide you with tactical and overview reports across all website optimization and online marketing initiatives, AnalyticsView generates and delivers said reports in an easy efficient way. AnalyticsView helps you to gain insight into the most important parts of your own online business by highlighting the most valuable information from Google Analytics.

You can increase your Return on Analytics by producing, printing and presenting your performance reports organized on AnalyticsView as well as being able to compare the growth and trends of your website with baseline date ranges found in Google Analytics. Monthly prices start at only $25 a month and increase depending on if you want KPI customization, ulimited profiles or a range of report templates.

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More – Online Class Manager

  • July 17, 2008

EClassInfo.comIf you are a concerned parent that would like to follow up his or her children’s education, you will find this site interesting. At eclassinfo.

com parents and students will have the chance to access to relevant information related to the classes. Whether you are a student and you’d like to know the subjects and programs the teacher will teach, or you are a parent that wants to know the educational method taught within the classroom, you will find it at this site. Furthermore, you can beware of the quizzes’ date, as well as the grade’s reports. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: linking partners, sponsoring partners, licensing program, etc. If you have any query or question on how the webpage works, you can always send them an e-mail and request information. There are also some related links available on the site for you to check out.

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More – Protecting You

  • July 16, 2008

FluStar.comAre you looking to protect yourself and your family against the flu? Do you want to learn about the spread of the flu during the influenza season? This online site provides all the information you need related to flu symptoms, treatments, records and plenty of further useful data. FluStar.

com is a network sponsored by Hoffman-La Roche Laboratories and aims to offer health care professionals and consumers, current information related to this issue. You will find a map of the United States where you can select your area in order to obtain a flu report. If you are not sure that you have the flu or simply a cold, you can obtain a clear description of the flu symptoms and find out which is your problem. You can also sign up for free alerts in order to know when this virus attacks. The site includes a section with current flu news where you can read about flu rates and expansions. Visit this online site and obtain all the information you need related to the flu and its implications.

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More – Delivering Live Car Auctions

  • July 16, 2008 delivers live auction lane bidding and market reports of the combined inventories of the best independent auto and RV auctions in the nation.

Sourcing inventory has never been easier. If you are looking for a specific make or model just log on to this website for a selection of 25,000 cars each week. And if it is market data that you need, go to AuctionPipline’s Market Report, the new standard for consolidated market report data from independent auctions. Exposing your inventory to thousands of active buyers every week is simple. You can consign your best units to one of the Pipeline member auctions. The combined dealer base ensures maximum exposure of your inventory to a greatly expanded market. The collective legacy of the AuctionPipeline auctions has been serving dealers and corporate remarketers for more than fifty years. They are locally owned, and their management’s style is hands-on. So when you buy or sell at this site, you are not dealing with technology, you are dealing with real people.

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More – 1000s Of Market Research Reports

  • July 15, 2008

ReportBuyer.comReport Buyer carries a comprehensive range of market research. The website reportbuyer.

com has over 70,000 reports covering the following industries: automotive, banking, business services, computing, drink, electronics, finance, energy, food, healthcare, leisure, management, manufacturing, media, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecoms, transport, travel, and utilities. Additionally there are hundreds of country and company reports. The continuously updated and fully searchable catalogue, backed-up by friendly multi-lingual customer service staff, means information professionals across the world can rely on. Trust Report Buyer to provide the right products in a timely manner. This website is fast becoming the intelligent way to buy market research. The site serves all sizes of companies, from the early stage start-up to global corporations in all sectors of business. Report Buyer has relationships with leading market publishers of business, management, and market research directories, reports and books. This means you can search just one website to find the product you need in your work. Many of the reports are niche and will only appeal to a specialist audience. However, this is hard to find information and therefore a site carrying such a depth of product is a real asset for business executives.

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More – News Reports For Jacksonville, Florida

  • July 12, 2008

CBS47.comJacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida and the twelfth most populous city in the United States with population of a little more than one million three hundred thousand resident in the metropolitan area. If you live in or around this city and like to keep up with all that is going on then you might like to check out a web site at the online address of www. This is the home of the cities CBS news team. There web site is well designed and offers many of the latest stories that are running on there television station and includes both text, audio and video reports. Visitors to the site will be impressed with the well designed menu system and the wide range of features that are of local interest. Some of the menu sections included is the latest news, weather and traffic reports, a health section, and sports, entertainment and business news as well as an extensive classified section.

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More – Find The Best Place To Live

  • July 10, 2008

MyDreamLocale.comAre you looking for a new place to live? If you are, then you should take a look at

On the site, you will be able to find listings for homes that are ready to be inhabited in any area you desire. The Locale Reports section has detailed information on the many homes featured on the site. This will allow you to know more about any home you might be thinking of buying, in order to make a more educated decision. The Relocating section will allow you to find homes faster, so you can make that relocation you need for work quicker. The Blog has great articles on the current state of the real estate market in the United States. With the prices as they are today, finding a cheap home should not be a problem for anyone with some extra capital. For help finding the perfect home for you and yours, check out the Assistance section.

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