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  • April 17, 2010

Cpedia.comThe usefulness of Wikipedia can’t be questioned on the whole, but the wiki concept can lend itself to difficulties sometimes. I am talking about the people who use the site in order to do research for papers and so on.

Even when Wikipedia is monitored carefully, its sheer width means that some content that is not accurate is found there. That is inevitable, and I can’t help but wonder if such a fact motivated the site I am reviewing right now. It is named Cpdia, and we can term it a search tool that looks at several sites when you input a query in order to generate a report in which the information contained on these sites is summarized. In other words: Cpedia is a report generator that looks at what is already published on the Web and then presents you with a précis capturing the main idea

In that way, you are getting information from many sources instead from one alone. Now, will this tool for the clustering of ideas eventually become a valid alternative to clicking on blue hyperlinks as we do now? It is too early too tell (the site is still in alpha), but I can say that this site certainly piqued my curiosity. I advice you to pay it a visit for yourself, and take a closer look.

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