More – Broadening The Appeal Of Q & A Websites

  • September 30, 2010

Replyz.comReplyz is a new service that takes something which is so popular nowadays as the asking and answering of questions, and gives it an enormous social push. In general, anything that you ask using Replyz is being spread through all the major (and minor) social networks that are available today.

That is, if you post a question on Replyz the same will be echoed and amplified through sites such as Twitter, Facebok and Orkut. And the best thing is that these replies that do materialize will be aggregated for you to read them more conveniently. Not only that, this consolidated thread will also be viewable by others, so that they will have a ready chance to come up with even better answers based on what others have already replied.

All of the above taken together guarantees that relevant answers will be put your way sooner or later. The more the conversation grows, then the more chances of a knowledgeable person stumbling upon it and volunteering his insight.

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