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  • May 8, 2008

Twinspires.comTwinSpires is a site that makes for online wagering. Wagering services are free to members, and membership itself has a whole host of benefits that area clearly set forth in the corresponding section.

These include bonuses for referring friends, and an EZmoney online deposit and withdrawal service. The site schedules all available wagering events in Eastern time, and the results are published straightaway. Live racetrack video is available, and race replays is also one of its features. A rewards program is available in the form of the Twin Spires Club. Whenever a member wagers online or by telephone, points are accrued. These points are later redeemed for prizes and privileges, like electric appliances, sporting goods, and trips. Other special features of the site include a free guide of past thoroughbred performances, along with insider picks and power plays. Likewise, a PDF file that contains information on performances of a specific thoroughbred track can be downloaded online.

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