More – Buying & Selling Real Estate Directly

  • June 8, 2010

Reozom.comThe objective of this site is a clear one: giving people all the necessary resources to buy and sell Real Estate without ever having to involve a Realtor. By keeping middle men out of the picture, no commissions have to be paid and that is a big expense out of the way, not to mention that the buyer and the seller are communicating more directly and everything is clearer from the very beginning.

In addition to simplifying the buying and selling process by giving buyers and sellers more control over everything, the site also gives them direct access to pre-screened service providers and products at discounted prices. For example, neighbourhood and school reports are easily procurable though the site. And you can also use calculators to estimate the difference that there is between renting a property and actually buying it.

And since Reozom is an ad-supported site, users are capable of listing their property for free. That is, not only does the site make for dispensing paying costly commissions to realtors, it also enables people to have their property listed at no charge.

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