More – Booking Items Made An Easy Task

  • October 8, 2009

RentCycle.comRentCycle is a new web-hosted tool that enables rental businesses to serve their customers better by letting every single step of the rental process be carried over the web. Businesses can use the provided application to track inventory and manage the reservations that are forthcoming through the provided center, whereas users can book directly from the site.

In terms of appearance, RentCycle enables businesses to have a branded storefront, and reports highlighting the most recent activity are part of the package.

The one immediate advantage of this system is that customers can book or buy anything without having to go to the actual premises in person. That saves time and makes everything less frustrating both for the ones who are to rent and the ones who are renting.

There are several plans available, and the difference in price stems from the actual number of items that the business itself intends to advertise. Leaving that aside, the four available plans come with the same functionalities including the abovementioned reservation center, the branded storefront, and full business reporting.

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