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More – Don´t Let the Name Fool You

  • April 7, 2008

RentAWreck.comRent-A-Wreck is one of the most recognized neighborhood car rental companies all around the world. Don’t get fooled by the name; the cars you will rent at Rent-A-Wreck are far from wrecks.

The idea of the funny name is for you to remember the company as well as the quality customer service and low costs rentals. Whether you are looking for a car, truck or van for business or pleasure across the USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland, you should definitely try Rent-A-Wreck. A large list of states is displayed on the site; click on the ones you are interested in so as to get the car rental information. Check out the specials category, where you will find great discounts; for instance, the current special is for the ones who rent a car at Rent-A-Wreck for more than 28 days. For more details and information on car rentals, check out the site.

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