More – Arrange To Meet Halfway

  • March 4, 2010

RendezvousSpot.comA tool that serves a very practical purpose, Rendezvous Spot does exactly what its name suggests: it will let anybody find a point in which he could meet with other person, so that no-one is forced to travel the whole way.

This tool is all the more practical if only because of the supple way in which everything is implemented.

Basically, using the site entails little more than specifying the addresses both of you are located and then letting the application work out its magic. It will provide you not only with a rendezvous spot, but it will also give you a clear indication of the distance and (more importantly) the time that it would take both of you to get there.

The information will be presented back to you by way of a Google Map, so that everything will be instantly familiar and browseable from the word go. Also, the URL will be completely shareable so that you can send it out to as many people as you want, and let them know where you will be reachable.

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