More – Create Your Own Twitter Apps

  • May 25, 2010

RemoteTweet.comHave you seen so many Twitter apps that you are completely convinced you could come up with one of your very own – one that would make the others crawl back under the stones they came from? If that is the case, then the Remote Tweet website is bound to make your goal come within reach.

In essence, the site collects scripts that you can use to build any app that you’ve got in mind.

These scripts will take care of truly basic operations such as the deletion of direct messages and the determination of anybody’s ratio of followers. Likewise, operations such as finding the availability of any username can be easily carried out.

All in all, the site collects enough plain scripts to let just anybody start getting his own Twitter app together. Although the rush of such applications has died down considerably recently, Twitter is still as popular as ever. It will be for quite a while. And the fact of knowing that there is such a huge userbase out there can but motivate people who are new to it all to come up with their own creations for all to use.

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