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Location, Location, Coworking Station

  • June 18, 2012

Where or where to develop a startup dream? At home? A traditional office? Barnyard? Increasingly, startups are turning to co-working spaces to incubate their companies.



Based on the 2nd Global Coworking Survey, co-working spaces should expand considerably this year. 36% of participants in the study said they planned to open at least one new location during 2012. Newer spaces are looking to add locations, and existing sites hope to expand their capacity. Optimism in the industry is strikingly high. 81% of co-working space operators anticipate a significant increase in revenue, and 85% predict their membership numbers will rise.

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More – Keep A Good Watch On Remote Workers

  • August 12, 2010

HiveDesk.comThere is not such a thing as a “perfect solution” for monitoring remote workers, but HiveDesk offers enough functionalities to make such a task a more feasible one. You see, it can be used to keep track of the overall time that any employee has worked, and the fact that it can capture a screenshot of the employee’s screen every ten minutes will let you ensure that he (or she) is doing what he should.

If he happens to be playing Farmville instead of working then you will find it out. You will become capable of paying your employees fairly and accurately.

HiveDesk is available as a free software download. Windows XP/Vista/7 are the only operating systems that are supported so far, and once installed the application will check automatically for new software updates.

Upon launching this application you will be able to access a dashboard that will let you create projects and manage users right away – you will be capable of adding as many employees as you want, and track them as described above.

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