More – Create Collages On Your Ipad

  • January 20, 2012

Mixel.ccMixel is a new iPad app that might as well end up creating a whole new art form. It lets you put together collages with images from your HD, your own Facebook account and from Bing searches. You can mix images in all the ways you want, you can crop them and resize them, you can rotate them and chop them in half. And when you’re finished, your collage will go live for everybody else to see it. And (this is the interesting bit), to keep on remixing it. That’s what tells this app apart: how much it democratizes the creation and adaptation of artistic works. Its builders obviously believe that there’s an artist in everybody, and that everybody’s contribution is as valid as any other person’s. Clearly, its tagline is not “Please touch the art!” for nothing.

Anything that’s shared using Mixel can be viewed by others in a way not that different from how images are shared on a service like Instagram. Collages can be browsed from within the app, you can follow your friends and (once you’ve been using the app for a while) your favorite artists, and all the most popular collages can be viewed together.

Mixel is available for free at the App Store. It’s been developed by Lascaux Co., a team founded by a former New York Times digital design editor (Khoi Vin) and a MIT computer science graduate (Scott Ostler).

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More – Like MySpace For DJs

  • October 5, 2011

MyDjSpace.comA new platform for the promotion and consumption of electronic music, MyDjSpace is all the more remarkable because there are no other sites that play out the promotional role it plays to this very same extent. On this site, DJs can make their mixes and remixes widely available, and people can listen to these by using a slick online player.

All the newest music is highlighted on the homepage, and so are featured artists. Plus, more than 15 different charts are available – “Disco”, “Trance”, “Techno”, “Dubstep”, “Mash Up”, “Minimal”… the point is that if it’s a popular genre, it’s there.

Membership to MyDjSpace is free to begin with, but these DJs that want bigger storage and the chance to let people download their music in a larger scale can always go for a paid account. These also come with a better set of analytics, which make for understanding what the public wants even faster. In any case, all MyDjSpace profile pages are fully customizable. Users can add tab titles, widgets and formatted text in a fell swoop.

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More – For Aspiring DJs Everywhere

  • May 28, 2010

LetsMix.comAs you can tell by the title of the review and by the name of the site itself, this is one resource aimed at a very specific audience: DJs . The Let’s Mix website is a new spot where they can meet up, socialize and share their latest creations both with peers and with people that happen to be passing by.

I suppose that the vast majority of people who are reading this already own an app or the other for mixing and remixing songs. But if you do not, then you will be pleased to know that a free app can be downloaded through the site. Not only does this app let you apply effects to any track you feel like editing, it also lets you upload the finished piece straight to the Let’s Mix website for all to listen. Besides, this app comes complete with full iTunes support so that finding a song or two for remixing will be anything but difficult. All that is required is having some imagination and ideas, and some time for making these translate into a compelling mix.

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More – An Excellent Tool For Aspiring DJs

  • February 22, 2010

TurnTubeList.comThe days in which being a DJ was limited by the contacts that you had and who could supply you with enough records to scratch are long gone. If you refuse to believe it just giving a brief glance to this site would prove it for good.

In principle, it is a kind of mixing board that takes YouTube videos at the starting point. It will let you have your way with them, and cross-fade them at will. You will be capable of coming up with your own mash-ups and remixes just by sliding the relevant bars. And once you have a couple of remixes to go with, you can proceed to share them with all and sundry. I think it is particularly interesting to find another mix that features the very same videos you have employed. It is a bit like coming across the same furniture we have when we visit somebody else’s house for the first time. The way everything is arranged there tells us a lot not just about that person, but also about ourselves.

It is the same with a remixed tune. Others will learn a lot about you, but the greatest discoveries are the ones you will make yourself when the process is over. That is, if you go beyond the surface. But if you just want to let your hair down for a while, this site will be perfect too.

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More – Music That Changes Every Time You Play It

  • December 19, 2009

RjDj.meIf there is something iPhones are known to do, that is to push the boundaries of what we expect and we demand from absolutely everything. Is it fair to expect them to revolutionize the way we enjoy music? After having tried out this service, it seems the answer is going to be an affirmative one.

You see, RjDj is a purveyor of iPhone apps that champion what is called “reactive music”. In case you wonder what that is, it suffices to say that it is music that is played differently each and every time you listen to it since your iPhone modifies the tune according to the environment you are located in. That means no song is played the same way twice.

This service is mainly geared towards electronic music. That makes sense, really – music that is reliant on samples and loops lends itself to the reconstruction process far more instantly that rock or pop songs.

The company (which is the brainchild of one of the founders of MySpace) has recently released its very first app, in conjunction with artist Little Boots. You can procure it through the site – the results are certainly intoxicating, and any music lover is certain to be fascinated even if he doesn’t like electronic music.

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More – Remix The Web

  • March 29, 2009

Remixito.comEvery once in a while, there’s a startup that lets you do something so pointless that it’s magical. This is what happens with Remixito.

com. With the site, you’ll be able to grab your favorite videos and pictures and add your own touch to them.

There are many variations on the same picture, all with one thing in common: they’re hilarious. Things range from the funny to the vulgar, so there’s something there for everyone. The remixes are divided into different sections, so you won’t have a hard time finding what you’re looking for. The great thing about sites like this is that there is no limit to your imagination, so you’ll keep using the site until your brain gives out.

After you’re done remixing an image, you’ll be able to share your creation through social sites, so all your friends can know about it. On the whole, if you’re looking for a fun thing to do online, you have found it.

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More – They Invented The Remix

  • September 17, 2008

SitScape.comFor years, musicians have been remixing old songs and labeling them as new. If you though the internet would be saved from that phenomenon, then you haven’t heard about Sitscape.

com. On this site, you’ll be able to find out about a product that will let you clip items you like from a website, and remix it into a custom site of your own. It’s like taking the iGoogle concept and blowing it up a thousand times. Any live component of a site, you’ll be able to clip and add to another site (or your own). This makes for a “web remix” experience that can be both entertaining and useful. For instance, you’ll be able to keep track of stocks, weather, and your favorite team, all from one page with the sources you trust (and clipped from their original home). In short, this is a new and creative way to surf the web for your favorite content.

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More – Create, Remix and Share Original Music

  • July 6, 2008

ccMixter.orgIf you like to create your own tracks of music by mixing instrumental and vocal selections together, you’ll love ccMixter. This site gives users the chance to browse through musical samples and a cappella tracks to compile their own original tracks.

And when you post these on ccMixter, podcasters, video makers and music lovers can take advantage by uploading your remixes for their own listening pleasure. Everything is licensed under Creative Commons so you can remix, mash-up or sample legally. On its homepage, the website features artists who have used ccMixter to successfully create tracks of interest and popularity. Users also have the opportunity to create and post playlists, learn about editor picks and get news updates from other users on the best ways to remix using ccMixter’s sample packs and a cappellas into original music. You can even sample well-known artists who have included their tracks in ccMixter’s library.

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More – Blogs, Mixed

  • January 17, 2008’s stepping up its game and getting into the web-music-blog-mashup-mp3 field. Designed by Yahoo’s Media Innovation Group, Blog Remix is a new experimental desktop application currently in the early alpha release stages.

It marks the latest in experimental apps launched by Yahoo! as it’s preparing its very own music service. Blog Remix takes the mixtape concept and brings it to the world of music blogs.With Blog Remix you can merge and mashup your favorite MP3’s and blog content giving you an audio-visual remix. You can save and share your creations with friends. Blog Remix is a downloadable app that runs on Adobe AIR Runtime. Yahoo has already lined up a list of blogs for you to get started with. The music also comes pulled from the sites so you can add them directly to your playlist. Playlists can be exported to iTunes, or published as an RSS feed.

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More – Collective Mixing

  • February 14, 2007

Jamglue.comThis is the official website of the WMPR 90.1 FM The Blues, a radio station from Jackson, Mississippi. If you want to listen to this radio station shows, you can check the schedule and listen to its entire programming online. On you can also check local events, find information on this radio station staff, and leave your messages.

If you want to listen to your favorite Gospel and Blues artists online, on you will find your favorite music. Take a look at this site to search for information on the radio station and its DJs, and check the radio station schedule. What is more, you can get data on events organized by this radio station, in addition to event pictures.

Then, if you want to listen to music online, you can stop by Pay this site a visit to check the radio programming and listen to radio station shows online.

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