More – Send Out Reminders Via SMS

  • May 21, 2010

ReminderDiary.comReminder Diary is a SMS-based notification system that you can use to remind your clients of any appointment that they have made. Such a service has the clear objective of letting you decrease the number of missed appointments, and improving the way your business performs by enhancing communication with your customers.

The way this is implemented is by creating an account on the site and purchasing a block of SMS credits that can range from 75 to 1000 messages .There are no setup fees to talk of, and no monthly subscription fees either.

Once you have bought the block of credits that suits your needs best you will be able to choose which messages you want to send to your contacts, and when. You can actually do more than remind people of any upcoming appointment – you can use Reminder Diary to create such an appointment to begin with. You can also use it as a way to better-organize your contacts on the whole.

The registration process is kept very simple – you simply have to furnish the name of your business along with information like its time zone and some contact data for your account to be created.

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