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  • April 1, 2011

Remind101.comA service that aims to give students a chance to catch their breath, Remind101 can be used to ensure every deadline is satisfactorily met. What this web service does is to send timely notifications whenever any due date is drawing near, so that users remember all about these papers they have to turn in, and these tests that they have to sit through.

These reminders can be sent both via email and SMS – the user is the one choosing which notification service would yield the best results for him. And he can obviously change that afterwards.

In order to activate these reminders, all that the student has to do is enter the corresponding syllabus into Remind101. The application will then take care of everything for them. And a really ace feature is that once a student has submitted a syllabus, then other students taking that same class can sign up for notifications as well. That is, as long as one person uploads a syllabus then everybody can benefit from it.

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More – Text & Email Reminders For Students

  • August 26, 2010

Remind101.comRemind 101 is a startup that focuses on providing both email and text reminders to students before their assignments are due.

In this way, students who are overwhelmed by all their academic activity will be able to get their schedules in order, and (hopefully) free enough time to enjoy campus life more fully.

The context in which these reminders are delivered is perfect if you think about it. Students send text messages and use email like nobody else – they won’t have to change their schedules or habits in any way or the other to read these notifications. They are receiving them right when they have to receive them, and not a single minute later.

This service is currently provided to students who are based in Michigan only, since that is where one of the two bothers who created it is studying at the moment. Expansion is imminent, and if you would like your school to become featured simply get in touch with the programmers to accelerate the process of inclusion.

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