More – Monetizing Your Own Links Socially

  • February 1, 2010

TweetRl.comTweetRl is a site that has the objective of letting anybody monetize his own links by having them placed both on Twitter and StumbleUpon. That is, those who do use the site will have their own links relocated to these two social services.

Submitting content to the site is not that different from submitting anything to a site like Digg, only that in this case you log in using your Twitter credentials. You also have to give a title to your story, and add some details to place it all into context. A category must likewise be chosen from the several on offer, and these mirror the structure of social sharing sites quite closely.

Upon complying with that, your story will be posted to Twitter and submitted to your own StumbleUpon page at the very same time. It will also make it to the TweetRl homepage if it becomes popular enough. Best of all, every story that you relocate like this will carry your own Google Ads, so that you will drive traffic to your site and make an income at the same time.

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More – For Those Wanting To Relocate

  • December 17, 2009

MoversCommunity.comA resource that has recently been launched, Movers Community provides free moving quotes to those who are contemplating relocating. The premise that inspires the site is giving them access to only reliable movers in their area.

Of course, the site is also effective when it comes to connecting with movers from all over the country. In that particular case, the idea is to have them increase their margins by always driving with their trucks full, and knowing where to stop for small jobs along the way.

Employing the site is certainly intuitive as an interactive map is provided on the main page for you to click about and specify where it is you are located and where it that you want to go. Free quotes are provided on the site, so that you (as the one who is looking for the best service provider) will be able to determine which one would suit your budget more minutely.

That is a very recurrent thought nowadays, and something which has obviously affected the moving industry. Monetary considerations mean that people have moved less in the past year than in decades. If we put one and one together and couple the recession with the ascending price of gas then that comes as no surprise. This site hopes to provide a platform that brings everybody closer, letting both clients and movers have clearer benefits.

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More – Find The Right Moving Company

  • October 6, 2009

TheMoversReview.comThe Mover Review is a brand new site that collects reviews of moving companies and services in order to let site visitors make the right choices so that relocating is a smooth task and not a headache from start to finish.

Searching the existing database is a simple task, as you only have to input your ZIP code and then proceed to streamline results by taking into account aspects such as the hourly rate not to mention the actual rating and the references that have been put forward by other clients.

Once you have found one that seems to suit your needs, hiring the company can be accomplished straight through the site.

Note that the site also includes a resource center that is made up of an actively-updated blog, with posts bearing names such as “Moving Timetable”, “Winter Moving Tips” and “Moving Day”.

In final place, a “Mover Signup” link will let you add your relocation company to the database and become findable by those who use the website. Profiles can include pictures of before and after work and a dashboard is provided for you to monitor projects and keep track of inventory sheets among other aspects.

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More – Sell Or Buy A House

  • July 16, 2008

ColdwellBankerCaine.comThe company that was founded on familiar values as well as integrity and professionalism, decided to affiliate with Coldwell Banker in order to offer even better real estate services. The Residential Department of Coldwell Banker Caine specializes in residential brokerage and relocation services within Anderson, Laurens, Pickens, Spartanburg, and Greenville Counties.

On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: buy, sell, new homes, lease, open house, etc. Within the sell link you will see a home price comparison index, seller services guarantee, preparation for selling, open house quiz, etc. In addition, you can contact many real estate agents as well. At the buy section there is area information, property search, real estate glossary, and buyer information too. If you are looking for luxury properties, you will find them right there; there is a whole section designated to luxury houses. Within the lease link you will access to available lease properties.

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More – Matching People with Neighborhoods

  • June 25, 2008

hoodeo.comAre you looking to relocate? Relocating is never easy, you want to find a neighborhood in your price range that embodies all the characteristics of what you describe as being an ideal neighborhood. hoodeo.

com is a site that works on finding the ideal neighborhoods for users. finds neighborhoods that you may be interested in by gathering information on you then finding locations that match your profile. then goes one step further and helps users find homes in that neighborhood by using the real estate site Trulia. The first step is to enter the location information of where you are presently living. You begin to create your profile by answering a number of questions such as your age, whether or not you prefer to live in a neighborhood with families, your education level, information on your profession, your income, whether you rent or own, whether or not you want to relocate and if so if you want an urban or suburban atmosphere, then lastly information on buying a home. Once you have finished the questionnaire you are given ten options and hoodeo provides information on the ten options. You can send these suggestions to your friends to get a second opinion and you can take a look at the homes hoodeo suggests. Finding a home is difficult but hoodeo gives you a place to start.

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More – Find Your Next House

  • May 16, 2008

Myhomesearches.comIf you are planning to move to a different neighborhood or to another state, this site might be useful for you. Whether you are relocating or moving from your parent’s house, they can help you choosing your next house. provides a large list of real estates and agents from all over the states in order to give you as many options as possible. They carefully select the brokers and agents so that you have a reliable source of information. You just have to select the state, area, or neighborhood you’d like to relocate to and then you’ll be able to look for free all the data related to it. Moreover, they give you information about the community, school options in the zone, and other relevant tips. At the web site you will see different section, such as: buy a home, sell a home, get a loan, escrow and title, and more.

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More – Real Estate Company

  • April 30, 2008

Mccolly.comMcColly Real Estate was founded in 1974 by Ronald McColly. It is the largest independently owned real estate company in Northwest Indiana, Chicago Southland, and Daytona Beach Shores Florida.

They own 15 offices with over 800 sales associates, more than 60 full-time support staff members, and participate in the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors. This company has endured many uncertain times; however, it has developed systems to combat such market volatility that has been able to maintain a competitive and leading role in the area. If you are thinking about buying, selling, relocating, or constructing, here you can find some useful references. In order to look for a property to buy, at this website you will find it very easy. All you have to do is select one or more city by clicking on the map that shows the areas available. You can search by city, county, land, and more. All the steps to follow are clearly detailed.

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More – Relocate With Assistance

  • March 3, 2008

LowesMoving.comAre you planning in selling your house and move somewhere else? Well, will help you to sell your house, buy a new one and will give you moving tips on packing and unpacking your things. takes you from selling your house to moving to a new one going through all the stages like relocation. The site features a section called moving tips that will help you relocate easily and efficiently. There’s also an improvements section where you will be able to get advice on how to improve your home from DIY experts, from installing a light bulb to painting your home’s outer walls. You will gain access to a video library that gives a detailed explanation on a wide variety of topics such as outdoor transformations and clearing out the front yard among others. Are you worried for your kids safety? Then you will find the home safety tips incredibly useful since they will contribute to your family’s well being.

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More – USA Best Places to Live

  • March 3, 2008

RelocateAmerica.comLiving in USA? Trying to relocate but don’t know where? This page is made for those who want to move and still don’t find the right place. RelocateAmerica.

com is a useful site that offers all kind of information about cities and towns across U.S.A. It’s the right way to choose the right place. It’s simple and provides a complete summary of the destination. For those who might decide to relocate, this page will help you to find the advantages and disadvantages of the destination you are thinking of. The layout is simple and original; by clicking on the U.S.A. map you will find information about the state; population, the flag, bordering states, top 25 schools, greatest destinations, and also a concise resume of the destination: schools, markets, best restaurants, shopping and recreation. This site is an interesting place for those who don’t know yet where to live, and which is the best city to send their children to school.

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More – Preview Communities

  • February 24, 2008 is a directory of communities and small to medium cities across the US.

Village Profile Community Guides are a well known institutional advertising tool, and what you will be able to do at this site is explore the digital versions of the official brochures and information kits. The idea behind the site is that users should be able to learn general demographic and statistical information about the city they or someone they love will be relocating to, plus get other useful tips, usually provided by each of the community’s county office or Chamber of Commerce, which make it particularly useful for business purposes, as a complete business directory is available from most of the featured communities. Using this site is very easy, though a searchbox would be great, as you need to select the area/region where the community you want to learn about is (central states, far west, new England, etc), then choose the state, and if the community has a featured entry it will appear in a list.

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More – Join Expats and Global Minds

  • February 23, 2008

Internations.orgA social network for people living or working outside of their country of origin, is a place for people with global minds to meet and interact with people who are in the same predicament as they are.

The idea is for people to share information, insights and maybe get to know some interesting expats as themselves. The site appeals to people who leave their country for different reasons and purposes, like diplomats, members of international organizations (IGOs, NGOs), foreign correspondents, and expatriates of international companies. Also take into account that non-expats can join the site as long as they have strong links or frequent exchanges with their local expat community. In order to keep the network useful and bienpensant, joining is only possible if you are invited by a current member of the site.

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