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  • April 27, 2008 is the website for eXtension, an educational partnership of 74 universities across the United States.

This partnership provides objective information based on previous research, and learning opportunities in order to improve people´s lives. eXtension is not like other search engines, but a source for university content and information, regarding a wide variety of topics. Want to know more? Then, check out the site and see all the features eXtension has to offer. The content eXtension provides is divided into different resource areas so that you can find in a fast and easy way the information and topics you are looking for. Check out the different resource areas in their respective category and, if interested in any particular, click on it in order to get the available information. Want to keep updated with the latest information? Then, go to the news section and see what is going on in today´s world; click on the news´ headings if interested in reading the whole articles.

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