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More – Keeping You Up to Date on Your Media

  • February 6, 2008

MediaPops.comMediaPops keeps you up to date on all your favorite media. You’ll never miss out on a concert, a CD release, a new movie or game again.

Start by adding our favorite artists, authors, and movies so that Mediapops can keep track and keep you in on all the latest news. There’s also an Artist Upload program so you can simply upload all the artists you have stored on the computer—saves a lot of typing. Once everything is entered, you can see new releases and events on your dashboard. CDs for example are listed with cover art, ratings, release dates and the option to buy. Clicking on more info gives you more details about each item and also allows you to recommend to friends. For movies, MediaPops uses your zipcode to aggregate movie listings in your area. Users will receive weekly emails with display all your ‘pops’ tracked by the site.

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More – Never Miss Out on Your Favorite Comics

  • December 22, 2007

ComicScout.comHere’s a site for comic book fans: ComicScout. The site helps comic lovers keep track of their favorite comic book creators, new releases and upcoming titles.

ComicScout hopes to solve the problem of comic overload—in an industry where new releases come out like clock work, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s what. Using ComicScout, members pick their favorite creators and artists and then receive a customized list of their new releases (called a Pull List). Users can also get their week lists as RSS feeds. Additionally, the site contains synopsizes of upcoming and recently released comics from all the major publishers. You can also find info about comic creators along with industry news and updates.

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