RelayRides Proves You CAN Win The Race Outside The Fast Lane

  • October 14, 2013

With 500% membership growth in a year, the acquisition of Wheels, and poised to leave Zipcar in the dust without the costs of maintaining a car fleet slowing them down, RelayRides looked like the next Usain Bolt in the car rental space. Then came an unexpected gear shift. What happened? Somewhat like the…

More – Rent Cars From Your Neighbors

  • June 23, 2011

RelayRides.comA very clever and useful service, RelayRides enables people to rent cars from their neighbors either by the hour or by the day. This is done just by signing up for an account, and seeing who else right in your same area is listing his car for rent. If all goes well and you do reserve a car after contacting him, the vehicle will come not only with gas but also with insurance when you pick it up.

The usefulness of a service like this one is something that really shines through. People who are not actively using their vehicles will be able to generate a revenue thanks to them, whereas those who could never afford to buy their own cars will still get to use one and run their daily errands. And that is not mentioning that people who commute to and from their workplaces will be freeing just a lot of time every day – time they could use to be with their families, for example.

RelayRides is currently available in Boston and San Francisco, but more cities are being constantly added. You can actually vote for the one you live in, so if this is the kind of service that could make things simpler for you just go ahead and show your keenness.

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