More – Using the Past To Help Us Understand The Present

  • August 26, 2012

For as long as mankind has existed on this planet, he has constantly asked himself the same question. Where am I from? This concept is so basic, that even children usually ask their parents this question. Humans have an innate desire to understand why they are on the planet Earth, and what events, and individuals in their past led up to them being who they are, and where they are. The website is designed to help individuals who are looking for answers about their past, and the history of their ancestors.

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More – Create Your Twitter Directory

  • October 2, 2009

TwitWho.netMany people are used to get all the benefits provided by Twitter, because as you might already know, Twitter gives you the possibility of getting in touch with many users that are posting messages about any things they might be doing at any certain moment. In fact, there are many new possibilities available for you on Twitter due to the number of applications that have made the original service to expand significantly. works as a twitter directory where you will get the help you need in order to find new tweeters you can decide whether to follow them or not. This new application also allows you to create a variety of groups of friends, colleagues or relatives so you can read about them in a very simple way. In addition to this you will be able to create other groups by topics. For instance, if you want to follow athletes or people interested in sports you just need to create a category under the name of the sport you want.

Simple and easy, this application will not change your life but at least is going to help you to read about many tweeters in a much more organized way. In case you are looking for any new and interesting Twitter application, this site should be an alternative for you to bear in mind.

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Connect2Pk.Com – Free Voice Calls From Pakistan

  • February 12, 2009

Connect2Pk.ComConnect2Pk is an IP telephony service, based on ad-funded model, which allows users within Pakistan to make 100% free international calls.

Users dial the numbers appearing on the website from different cities using their phone sets on local rates and get connected to their friends and family no matter what part of the world they might be.

One of the best things about this solution is that long distance calls, which have traditionally been extremely taxing on one’s financial resources, are no longer a worry.

Since most of the people in Pakistan have their loved ones abroad, this system gives them an affordable chance to get in touch with them.

Connect2Pk aims to facilitate all Pakistani users to get connected to their friends and family without having the burden to afford PC or bear long distance rates.

Rapid support of Connect2Pk has established a lot of confidence in the users and the startup is now shaping up as community service as targeted

In less than a year, 15000 users have signed up for this service. 1000s of minutes are utilized daily by this company’s users.

To sum it up, if you are in Pakistan and you want to communicate with your friends or relatives out of the country, you should take a look at this site.


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More – Find Family Records Online

  • June 26, 2008

Familyrelatives.comThe Family Relatives website is a useful resource for those who desire to know more about their ancestors. Registration must be effected in order to use the available features.

Once this has been done, it is possible to conduct a search in more than 20,000,000 records which are stored online. It is important to stress out that the featured records span several territories, as in addition to the United States the member can perform a search in overseas birth, death and marriage indexes, as well as census records. Other notable aspect of the site is that it acts as a social networking resource, as members can create and online profile and connect with others individuals. Moreover, members can comment on the available records, and these commentaries can be accessed by other Family Relatives users. Moreover, the site includes a board of announcements and a classifieds section where members of the community can trade a wide range of items.

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More – Find Your Roots

  • June 25, 2008

Familyresearchlibrary.comAre you looking for your family’s history? Everyone that has tired to build a complete family tree knows that this can be very difficult. To help you out in everything related to finding your family’s history, you will be able to visit Familyresearchlibrary.

com. On the site, you will be able to find a wide variety of resources, which will make it easier for you to find out more about your ancestors. Once you find the right service for you, you can hire it through the site. This will allow you to have professional help in putting together the family tree. If you are looking for guidance on how to go about your family search, you will be able to find a book store on the site. This will allow you to read up on how to satisfactorily search for long lost family ancestors. For more on this great site, check out

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More – Employment Source

  • June 24, 2008 is a multi-functional information source specializing in pre-employment screening, background checks, and people locates.

Besides, this site provides investigative resources to both the private and business sectors. This is a one stop shop for individuals, businesses, and corporations to locate and or identify people, businesses, and assets throughout the United States. Something to have in mind is that not every visitor can access the whole list of search services; you must qualify for some premium searches. The reports offers are the very same reports used for skip tracing, due diligence checks, judgment recovery, and more. Now you can quickly locate friends and relatives, or track down elusive skips and dead-beats to collect judgments and debts. Conduct your own background checks to pinpoint assets and to ascertain the credibility and identity of people and businesses. All the information provided within the site is offered through inexpensively conduct searches and a multitude of records.

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More – Find People Online

  • May 7, 2008

People-finder.comOne of the advantages of the world wide web is that since so many records and files are currently online, it is possible to find information that by other means would either not be found, or would be found only after a time-consuming search. As a result, the internet simplifies matters when it comes to finding people, and there are many sites that provide these services.

The website is one of such resources. A search can be carried out according to different parameters, such as name, address, or phone number. Likewise, information like city or State can also be taken into consideration for the purposes of refining the search. In order to read the results, a fee must be paid. The site also features a professional search tool, that looks for coincidences in more than a billion records, whereas the most comprehensive search on offer is the “Background Check”, that searches over 3 billion records. The fees are listed on the site, as well as the terms of use.

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More – Time To Dust Your Origins

  • March 16, 2008

GeneaSearch.comAfter finding out some old pictures in your grandmother’s drawer you wanted to know more, you had so many questions, you didn’t know whom to ask, where to look up where you come from. We all have had many questions about who we are, where we come from, how our ancestors looked like.

This precisely is a question to be answered at With some help from research tips and pointers you can enhance your search and answer those questions that your granny and grandpa can’t. You will find several links to genealogy information and sites of all kinds, such as obituaries, ethnics, census statistics along with other genealogy resources to guide you for a variety of locations. Your ancestors’ history can be retrieved thanks to biographies, membership lists and other resources to help find surnames and build with them your family tree. It is time to dust not only the old pictures of the family but also reveal the in-depth history of your origins.

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More – Learn from your family History

  • March 8, 2008

AncestralFindings.comHave you ever wonder who your ancestors were and why did they decide to live in your actual country? Do you want to learn more about your family relation with others families? Well then, you might want to take a look at this site and see what it can do for you because it could be just what you are looking for. This site offers you the possibility to contact your ancestors and see in which graveyards are they now.

If you have a military relative, this page will be very useful to see in what wars did he participate and everything about his life. Having a very simple design with the information clearly divided into specific categories, this site helps you find the desired information with just one click. So you will love this site if you are one of those that enjoy learning about history and your own past.

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More – Build Your Family Tree

  • December 5, 2007

Itsourtree.comJoining the hordes of genealogy and family tree-building tools out there is the British site

Itsourtree lets you create your family tree by entering in information that you already know about your ancestors (names, birth and death dates, photos etc). By inviting more relatives, you’ll be able to collaborate to fill in the blanks on the chart, and track down more of your relatives. Once your tree is built, you can view it from your perspective, or you can click on a random relative and see how the chart would look from their point of view. Additionally, itsourtree offers several different layout options for your tree for when you want to print it, ranging from the most simple (names only) to more detailed (names, dates, and photos) Itsourtree operates several different sites which cater to different languages and countries (Brazil, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, and Spain). Signing up is free, and currently the site doesn’t charge any fees for any of its services like some competing sites do.

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More – Your Family Blog

  • November 13, 2007

Camoosta.comFamilies and the Internet should have a much better relationship that they currently have. Instead of parents snooping around and finding their kids´ inappropriate Google searches, families can come together on Camoosta.

com and spread the love. Families are the most important “buddy-list” that a person can have and this site is striving to strengthen that union. Camoosta is a place for families to share everything from events to family news and answer burning questions such as, What’s little Sally been up to? and, When is little Tommy/ Lucy’s due date? To become a part of Camoosta, families need to register for an account and can then start building their free family blog and inviting friends and relatives. Along with the free blog, members have a free media gallery where they can share photos of sweet family moments. Members can also take advantage of the group forums and grow a strong buddy-list.

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More – Genetics Completing Your Family Tree

  • October 23, 2007

GeneTree.comDo you want to make a thorough family tree leaving no stone unturned? is a family tree site that approached the scientific side of creating family trees. offers DNA testing a way to link you with your ancestors and relatives. offers the DNAvigator online tool which searches thousands of mitochondrial( genetic information passed from mother to children) to find connections that could help identify lineages to common ancestors. With the DNAvigator you can find more members of your family tree. even offers a paternity test. Besides the scientific aspects of the site there are the more traditional social networking features such as homepages for all family tree members even deceased relatives. Make your pages rich by adding documents, photos and even videos. is a social network allowing you to stay in contact with family members. approaches all perspectives of a family tree including the genetic perspective.

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More – Share your Family Photos

  • October 6, 2007 is a growing family network you can use to create your own family tree totally for free. So, if you want to learn about your family genealogy, you can try this website out. gives you the chance to share your family tree and photos, to organize family events and set up birth dates. was created to help families know more about themselves and discover their family history. This site allows members to create family trees easily. You can add each member of your family, along with photos and personal details. Moreover, you can invite your family to join and make their own family trees.

Therefore, if you are interested in family history trees, feel free to visit With this site you can create a family tree easily and upload photos and videos. In addition, you can access calendars and organize family events, set up birth dates, and much more.

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More – Find Friends Instantly

  • September 1, 2007, the nation’s most advanced public record search service dedicated to helping you re-connect with old friends, relatives, and associates.

This service also includes background reports, caregiver research, self-screening tools, and there are always new reports being created to keep you well informed. You can be confident that your search will span the nation through one of the most powerful systems available.

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