Your Employees Are Not Like You

  • November 25, 2013

I recently heard behavioral analyst Steve Sisler speak at an event for the Colorado Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization. Prior to the event, he asked us all to take two tests: a personality assessment tool that measures dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness (or DISC profile) and the


Make More Time For Lovin’ With Lovendar

  • February 6, 2013

Girl: “So, with a certain romantic day coming up soon, I was thinking it would be the perfect time to go to that place I mentioned.” Guy: “What the hell are you talking about?” You know how this sad, familiar scene ends. What you might not know is how Lovendar can easily help couples communicate and remember…

More – Arab Matchmaking And You

  • August 17, 2012

If you are looking for that special someone but you want that someone to be Arab then you know it is not always easy to meet that person. If you would like to meet that special man or woman then you should look on the matchmaking site and see if it is not a great site for you and your situation. When you go on this site you will see that there are thousands of members that you will get the option to meet for free. You also make a free profile and upload your pictures and more for free. There is a lot more on the site as well that will be of use to you.

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LovShare Relationship Social Network – Share Your Relationship Ups And Downs, Highs And Lows

  • August 13, 2012

I’m probably not the best person to come to for relationship advice, but I certainly welcome it from friends, family and even total strangers. It’s healthy to hear what other people have gone through, what their advice is and what they’ve learned from this crazy little thing called love. Robbert Vermeulen, founder of LovShare shared with us how he hopes to create a relationship social network of everyday relationship gurus to share their stories of love.

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More – Manage Your Inbox

  • March 21, 2012

Contactually.comContactually is a tool for making the best out of your email contacts. This new application can go through your inbox, and by looking at who you email more often figure out who your key relationship are. And then, start prioritizing the messages they send you, so that you never miss a single important email again.

What’s more, Contactually can remind you to follow up with leads, and also with any kind of contact that could let you take your career forward. The idea is to let you stay on top of all these relationships that could play a somehow important role in your professional life. And Contactually does just all the hard work for you. It can synchronize your email contacts to your CRM, so that all your relationships can be captured at once.

And it must also be mentioned that Contactually can be put to more personal uses. Since the application connects your email inbox with your Facebook account, it can ran remind you about birthdays and other important events.

Contactually works with all email providers, and also with all mobile devices. You can start a free trial just by signing up with your email address.

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More – Track Social Conversations

  • February 27, 2012

Engag.ioKeeping track of all the conversations you have on social sites like Facebook and Twitter has just become too difficult for its own good. But it’s something that you have to do, for the simple reason that social sites are more than just a place where you hang out with your friends. They have become the place in which professional interactions take place. Your career might even come to depend on something that you’ve said to someone there.

So, nobody would question the importance that a tool like Engagio can turn to have. Simply put, Engagio is a social inbox for all of your social conversations. This new service works not only with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but also with Foursquare, Tumblr, Google+ and Disqus, and it lets you recollect what was spoken to any person there. Not only that, it also lets you explore the profiles of any person you have interacted with. You won’t have to go to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn just to check the person’s profile, Engagio brings that information in the same page for you.

By all standards, I think there’s no denying that Engagio has got some potential. Let’s just hope it fares better than, a now-defunct site that also tried to create an inbox for all of your social interactions. Time will tell whether Engagio has a longer lifespan, but I think it’s fair to assume it will, what with the increasing importance that social networking has got in the lives of even people who not so long ago were dead against having a Facebook account.

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More – Ask Your Ex What Went Wrong

  • February 26, 2012

WotWentWrong.comWhen a relationship ends, many questions may arise. You’ll feel uncertain about what reasons drove things to that point and it may be rather burdensome to call back your ex to find out. But yet, unanswered questions can be quite a heavy burden to bear. is a website which helps you to find out what happened in your past relationships by asking your ex couple for feedback.

Websites offering contents about past relationships seem to be growing. Some time ago, we reviewed one called DirtyBubble here at, where people could write about a person they had dated in the past so that new couples could know them better. Wotwentwrong instead, gives each person the chance to ask feedback directly to his or her ex, and no one else can read it.

Also, Wotwentwrong is more aimed at dating experiences, it seems. If you broke up with a close boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are that you’ll know what happened. However, if that’s not the case, can be a handy resource.

It is very easy to use the website. You have to sign up and choose among many templates available to proactively ask for feedback from the other person. Although you can send the request by SMS, the site suggests that you do it via e-mail or Facebook mail because the person will find it easier to write on a screen. You are prompted to write polite messages to encourage the best feedback possible. This will help you to get the insight you need into past mistakes and have a better dating future.

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More – Review Past Relationships

  • February 17, 2012 is a site that gathers reviews of past relationships written by ex boyfriends or girlfriends. Its aim is that anybody who meets someone new can check on those comments to get some idea of that person’s background. By doing so, he or she will feel more confident about going out and start to date or (bad luck, sorry) discard the chance completely.

Apart from simply reviewing, users can also rate their past relationships, so quite a profile will be available when you are thinking if going out with someone or not.

The idea of is to create an honest and safe community, so some guidelines must be followed concerning the reviews of exes or past hook-ups. No bad intentions or cursing will be admitted, so people with may be too resentful should keep out.

To keep everyone’s privacy, identity of reviewers is never disclosed, which is also meant to ensure honesty on the part of reviewers.

On the other hand, anyone will be able to check what others are saying about him, although they will never exactly know who it was, unless they can imagine it because some comment give a reviewer away.

It is simple to access the site, because you can do it using your Facebook username and password, without the need of going through a long and slow registration form.

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More – Connect With Your Love

  • December 6, 2011

TheIceBreak.comDon’t let the routine take a toll on your relationship, use a service like The Ice Break in order to keep everything fresh and exciting. This new social site for couples is going to let you connect with your significant other in a way that’s always fun and engaging. As a user of The Ice Break you can answer questions that are related to your couple, and you can also use a feature named “Capture today’s moment”, and share pictures of anything that amazes you over the course of the day with your other half.

This is all done privately, with only you and your partner seeing what’s being shared. But if you want to share what makes your relationship unique with the world, then that can also be done. You can share all your media and messages with other Ice Break users. But when doing so, you can withhold your identity (and your couple’s) so that people will never know who the messages they’re reading belong to. They’ll juts get a glimpse into the lives of people who’re really happy.

The Ice Break is the newest tool that aims to improve communication within a relationship. There’s not a lot of these around, really (I can only think of two other ones: BeCouply and Tokii), and at a time in which couples connect more and more via their mobiles and social sites, these are the kind of services that never go amiss.

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More – Contact Manager For Twitter

  • October 25, 2011

PeepNote.comAlthough Twitter wasn’t built as an address book, many use it like that. We count on it to get in touch with all the people that we can’t contact via phone, email or in any other conventional way. This can be anybody from people we would all love to be working with, to celebrities and personalities that we’ve always admired. And adding people on Twitter is so simple (and it has got no limit) that winding up with more than a thousand contacts there is a common story. Fortunately, there are apps like PeepNote around – apps that let you make good sense of your every Twitter contact.

We can define PeepNote as a contact (and relationship) manager for Twitter. You can use this service to organize all the people you’ve befriended there, have them added to these groups that would make better sense for you and add notes to every single one of them. Plus, you can have PeepNote send you a weekly report of all your Twitter activity, and figure out who should be added to which group much quicker.

What? Want even more features? OK. You’ve got’em. You can also export any list that you’ve created both to Twitter and vCard. There, if that doesn’t let you make good sense of your online contacts I just don’t know what will.

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More – Tag Your Relationships

  • August 31, 2011

RelationMesh.comBy the looks of it, the cure for social network fatigue might be closer than expected. That’s what one has to think after trying a service like this one out. RelationMesh can be used to make sense of your every online interaction, by applying tags that basically let you define who is who in your social life. Those who use this service can create “relationships” which are conformed by at least 1 tag and 1 e-mail address, and by 10 tags and 5 e-mail addresses maximum.

The relationships that are created on the site typically look like this:

#meeting with [email protected] #restaurantBBB

The way the site works, people can create relationships even with those who are not registered users of the service. When a relationship of such nature is created, an invitation is sent out to the person in question.

Relationships can be kept public or private, and the service is already integrated both with with Facebook and with Twitter. Relationships can be posted in either service just by doing the relevant linking.

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More – Meet Your Match

  • July 14, 2011

CrushAider.comCrushAider is a new platform that makes it easy for any person who is in love to know if his feelings are actually reciprocated, and whether making a move would pay off or would just ruin a friendship for good. CrushAider makes that possible by letting people reveal their crushes anonymously. If there is someone that makes your heart skip a beat, here you can tell the world about it, and your identity will not be revealed to the rest. CrushAider will know it, of course. Only if the person you have a crush on also reveals that she has a crush on you will a match be made, and will your names become known to each other.

It is a simple approach, and one that works comfortably well in practice. Registration is quick and basic, and once you are done you can express your feelings with as much panache and finesse as you can muster. And far more effectively that playing she-loves me, she-loves-me-not, of course.

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More – Know Your Couple Better

  • March 31, 2011

Tokii.comTokii is a site for these busy couples that end up communicating via SMSes and instant messaging, and just need something more personal and relatable to keep the passion well alive.

On Tokii, couples can interact online by playing games. For example, the site includes a section named LoveZones in which each person can tell his other significant one exactly how he or she likes to be loved. Then, there is an application named MoodMeter for users to show each other precisely how they are feeling, and for letting each other know when they need a couple of words of encouragement. And a section named TradingPost is there for couples to highlight their exact needs.

Taken together, all of these games have the same objective: letting couples who can spend only a limited amount of time together maximize it, by having to rely less and less on guesswork and know just what the other wants.

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More – When Couples Break Up

  • February 23, 2011

BreakupNotifier.comFacebook can bring out some really negative facets of your personality. That was only to be expected, really – having access to so much private information can tip some people off. I recall reading recently that about 40 % of users keep their exes on Facebook just to look at their latest social activity, IE who they hang out with, where, and how intimately.

Leaving aside how questionable and damaging such a thing is, the fact remains that these individuals would gladly go for a service that notified them when the relationship status of their exes (or any people that they have taken a special interest in) changes. And that is exactly what Breakup Notifier does.

Breakup Notifier is a free application that can take care of letting you know whenever any person has split up with his/her partner. All you have to do is sign in using your Facebook credentials, individualize the ones you want to keep a close watch on and then make your move when the time comes.

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More – Ask For Relationship Advice

  • February 15, 2011

RelAsk.comSometimes, the only relationship advice that has any real value is the one coming right from outside. Insiders fail to give us a real solution because of who they are: people who know both us and our couples. Sometimes, the only person who can show us the right way to go is the one who can looks at things from a distance.

And that is something that a site like RelAsk proves. Here, you are enabled to post your relationship dilemmas and receive the insight of people who know neither you nor you couple. They will weigh the situation up objectively, and then they will tell you what they would do if they were in your position.

Structurally, RelAsk adheres to the layout that other Q & A sites always have – you get to see the latest questions in the homepage, the questions that are yet to be answered, the most active users… If you have ever used a Q & A site before, it will all be instantly familiar.

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More – A Practical Take On CRM

  • September 2, 2010

MagnaCRM.comMagna CRM offers a really simple way for any businessman to take care of the way he builds and nurtures relationships with his customers. Through the site, they will be able to store all their business contacts and have access to them in an ordered way, as well as to schedule and manage every task which is connected with these contacts.

Magna CRM is available in a wide variety of plans, and you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly fees. Specifically, there are four paid plans that are accompanied by a free one named “Solo”. Only this “Solo” plan is limited as far as the number of contacts goes; every paid plan has support for an unlimited number of contacts.

Ultimately, the objective of this web-based tool is that of any other related CRM application: letting you turn leads into sales. It manages to do that by providing its users with a simple interface that will let them build all the right relationships at the right time, and tend to them until they blossom.

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More – Tell The World Why He Is A Douche

  • August 9, 2010

HesADouche.comHe’s A Douche is a new online resource that will let women from all over the world share her romantic disappointments with everybody. On the site, they will be able to post their own stories douchebags, and other women can then both read and rate these entries.

Of course, men who happen to come across the site can also offer their insight, and put things into perspective for the one who has posted a particularly disparaging piece.

In actuality, the site contains nothing inappropriate – everything is moderated, and no foul language is allowed. The idea is to let everybody vent and get advice in a respectful setting.

Browsing the site is made notably easier thanks to the many categories that are available. These include “In Life”, “In Relationships”, “In Work”, “In Bed”… What’s more, the top stories (as rated by users of the site) can be visualized at any time. The same applies to these stories that nobody has paid much heed to – they are grouped under the “Flop Stories” banner. And if you are just in the mood for some random reading, there is also a category for that.

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More – Relationship Advice And More

  • March 17, 2010

Luvhertz.comThose of you who feel as if the song “Stupid Cupid” by Wanda Jackson defined your love lives are certain to like this website. In general terms, it is a social networking resource where people have a chance to gauge relationships.

On the site you can ask for (and receive) anonymous feedback, and discuss with other about dating do’s and don’ts. Of course, you should take that advice with a pinch of salt in the sense that you are the one who knows best. After all, people are venturing opinions based on what you have told them. They only have one side of the story (IE, yours), and when it comes to something as subjective as love then everything can grow out of perspective quite quickly.

If you can keep that in mind, the site will be quite entertaining. Again – take it as what it is. Here you will find advice and maybe a place in which you can release some negative feelings. But in the end, the one and only person who truly knows your other half is you. You are the one who must make decisions based on that knowledge.

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