More – Staying Fit The Social Way

  • December 1, 2010

ReinFit.comReinFit is a social network for those who want to get fit, and remain like that. On this site, people can upload their workouts and exercise, and interact with others based on such data. Users of the site are likewise allowed to track and share their body stats, and make new acquaintances like that. A series of progress graphs make such a task far easier, and also far more enjoyable for everybody. So does a tool for the direct comparison of stats.

The site also features fitness tips and a forum where people can pose questions to remain visible for a longer period of time, and (as a consequence) receive more answers.

The ReinFit community can be joined at no cost, as an account can be created by just any person who wants in. So, if you have always been one for fitness (or if you think that the time to start leading a healthier life is now) you can simply follow the link provided below, become a registered user and begin swapping workouts and tips with like-minded people.

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