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More – The International Center For Reiki Training

  • April 6, 2008

Reiki.orgWhether you are into Reiki training or you just want to find information on Reiki, you should consider visiting; the international center for Reiki training.

For those who are not familiar with Reiki, you should know that it is a technique practiced in order to reduce stress and relax, promoting healing, at the same time. The page´s aim is for you to continue to explore the possibilities for inner discovery and deep healing. On the site, you will find more than 150 articles for you to dig into and get information regarding this amazing technique. By downloading the page for free you will get additional articles and free practice materials. An online store is also displayed, in case you would like to purchase learning, practicing or teaching materials; Reiki touch kit, Reiki master manual are some examples of the products offered. Would you like to receive insight about Reiki? Then, you should sign up for the free online newsletter which contains articles written by experienced Reiki practitioners and teachers.

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