More – Refunds From PayPal Made Smooth

  • January 16, 2009

MassRefunds.comThis service is aimed at those who receive large amounts of payment from PayPal, and then have to browse through them manually in order to find the ones that must be refunded. MassRefunds automates that process, and it lets any user issue multiple refunds from any PayPal account through a browser-based software application.

This application also makes it possible for anybody to see his PayPal transaction history in full, along with the details inherent to every transaction that has been carried out.

From a technical standpoint, MassRefunds uses API Web Services provided by PayPal, and its most salient aspect is the comprehensive search tool it boasts. Basically, it will let you look up any transaction in a plethora of ways such as payer name, amount that was paid, and the ID of the invoice to mention but three from a very encompassing list.

The main objective of such a solution is empowering users to save time and stamina that can be employed elsewhere. A free 15 day trial is available for you to check it out firsthand and realize whether it will accommodate your needs or not.

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More – Maximize Your Tax Refunds

  • May 12, 2008

Taxformprocessing.comDo you need some extra cash? Would you like to receive a maximum tax refund this year? can assist you to maximize your income tax refunds! Frank Dipaola, an Enrolled Agent, has created this website to help all the taxpayers preparing for their tax returns.

Visit the website to learn all about what this site has to offer to its users. Visitors can find an online tax form preparation. Why are you going to worry about preparing your own tax forms; not only it takes a lot of time, but you can possibly do a lot of mistakes! Using their secure “online tax form processing center” you can have access to their licensed tax professionals who can help you prepare your Federal and State tax forms. All you have to do is submit your tax information by completing their simple tax organizers. Visit the website for more information on pricing, shipping and payment information for their online tax services. Screenshots of their online tax forms and organizers are also available.

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