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  • January 28, 2009

RefreshLink.comBy clicking on you will get into a website where you can record your self banners, in order to make your web side to be advertised. is directed to anybody in the planet that wants to be helped in order make his or her web side well-known for everyone.

This centre for banner advertising is only at and you can choose your contents by yourself.

In “add banner” department you can choose any place in order to place and present your advertising banner. Only click and open the window in which you can put all the important information and send it to

This service is totally free of any charge and you just need to try it if you want to make good advertising for your web site.

Only registered user could set up the time the banner will be untouchable so nobody else could rewrite on it.

If you want to take advantage of the service called “timing” you need to pay but it depends on the web pages you would like to have your banner on. If your banner happens to be screened on the lower part, you should pay $0,0001 per second.

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