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  • December 4, 2008

FHA.YourMTGLender.comMaking the decision to purchase a property is certainly a big one and one has to be prepared and informed in order to make the right choice. Most people will need some sort of loan in order to buy a new home, and it’s important to know what kind of plans are out there so you can make smart decisions.

If you’re thinking of buying a house for the very first time but want to know more about the types of loans that are available to you, take a look at This website specializes in Federal Housing Administration mortgage loans and working with first time home buyers in California.

Federal Housing Administration or FHA home loans are not only for first time buyers, they can be used even if you have previously owned property. You can purchase a new home with just a 3% down payment and your credit does not have to be perfect.

On the site you will find all the necessary information on these types of loans including FHA purchase loans, FHA mortgage loans, different loan programs, and FHA credit guidelines.

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More – Mortgage Refinancing Resources

  • October 10, 2008

FreeHomeRefi.comFreeHomeRefi is a company that serves a very specific purpose, namely providing consumers with a mortgage that has no lenders fees at all. These include underwriting fees and other miscellaneous costs like points of origination fees.

The lenders that work with the company provide loan packages that have an emphasis on being easy to understand. As such, aspects like rate of payment and terms are concisely described.

The different refinancing options are also covered in the section that goes by the same name, and you can choose the pertinent loan type and amount from a series of provided drop down menus which are prominently featured on the main page. The credit rating must also be chosen from “Poor” to “Excellent”.

Lastly, related topics of interest like loan modifications and adjustable rate mortgages are duly dealt with online, effectively providing site users with a good overview and an understanding of where they stand.

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More – Loans And Mortgages

  • July 7, 2008 is the official website of FHA Loan, an American private mortgage company that specializes in FHA home loans.

In case you didn’t know, a FHA loan is a federal assistance mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The loans are issued by federally qualified lenders. Anyway, this company is not associated with the federal government or HUD/ FHA. Here you can learn everything about them including history and company profile. Their services include loans to purchase a home or to refinance your current one. Here you can learn everything about them including main requirements and rates. In case you like what you see here, you can apply for your loan online or you can find all their contact details in order to call them and find out more about them. Finally, you can access to a series of articles featuring tips, advice, and guidelines about related issues and topics.

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More – Do Something Giant

  • June 27, 2008 is the main website of the RBC Bank USA, a financial institution that encourages people to think about doing giant things.

In fact, according to the bank’s beliefs, whether it’s running your own business, sending your kids to college, or balancing your monthly budget, you’re always doing something giant. At RBC Bank, the most important job is to help you achieve whatever is giant in your life by delivering straight-forward financial solutions along with more practical advice and personal service than you’d expect from a bank. Users should take into account that this isn’t a new bank; it’s a new brand. Indeed, some time ago its name was First American Bank, and it has recently changed to RBC Bank. If you have that clear, you can now access better services and better banking options. At the homepage you will see some of the services this bank has to offer, which include buying or refinancing a home, optimizing cash flow, leasing business assets, protecting your business, and much more. If you are interested on any of these particular services, click the link and you will be lead to its specific section. There you will find detailed explanation of plans, programs, and benefits you can take advantage of.

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More – Buy a Home

  • June 17, 2008

FHA-Home-Loans.comAre you thinking of purchasing a new home? If you don’t have the necessary amount of money you need to get the home you’ve always wanted you should take a look at what FHA Home Loans has to offer. FHA Home Loans allows people that are thinking of purchasing their very first home the possibility of buying a home with less than a 3% down payment.

Current home owners have the chance to buy a home with an FHA mortgage refinance of up to 97% of the home’s values. On the FHA Home Loans website prospective buyers can research FHA loan programs which can help them buy a home with no money down, learn about FHA loan qualifications, or get a free FHA home loan prequalification. This website can help anyone interested in acquiring a home in seeing the advantages that FHA home loans can afford them, why qualifying is easier than with other loan services out there, and how the regulated closing costs of this company can protect them.

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More – Search For Better Mortgage Rates

  • June 9, 2008

eRate.comA site as useful as they come, is the first thing you should do if you are considering or researching your mortgage, refinance loan or are about to take any such personal finance decision.

It belongs to a network of mortgage lenders around the country, and lets you find the most convenient rates for fixed or adjustable interests for a variety of medium and long term loans; the site’s interface is comfortable and allows users to search for loans in any state or based on specific needs, like repay period or amount. Though the market is certainly a crowded one, the fact that using this service is free for lenders puts in a good competing position, plus the information on the terms of the mortgages is really to-the-point, listing monthly payments, rates, APR, points, fees and lock period. Other resources to be found on the site include calculators, tips for finding and securing successful investment opportunities, and articles on taxing benefits for those paying for mortgage.

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More – Accredited Home Lenders

  • June 8, 2008 is the website of Accred Home, a loan company specialized in providing house loans for you to buy or rent the property you are interested in. On this website you will find all the information about this company and the services they can offer you. is the website you should pay a visit to in case you are looking for a loan company to request a house loan. On this website you can read about the prime rates of the house loans this company offers and different types of loans you can request.

Are you looking for a loan company? Would you like to request a house loan? If that is the case, you have come to the right site. On you can find data about the services this company offers including home loans. Feel free to stop by this website in case you need a loan.

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More – Want Your Dreamed Car Now?

  • June 8, 2008 is an online business specialized in provide car credits for people with bad credit history. My Auto Loan offers different types of car loans you can request online to buy a new vehicle.

On you can find all the information about the different types of loans this company offers, as well as details about the loan rates and an online payment calculator software for you to estimate your monthly payments. In addition, on this site you can read about the requirements you need to be able to request a car credit from this financial company.

Do you need a loan? Are you interested in bad credit loans? This site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to credit car loans. Therefore, if you happen to have bad credit history and need a loan to buy a new car, feel free to stop by

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More – Save, Plan And Pay For College

  • June 7, 2008

Uhaa.orgEarly birds always get their rewards, and if you live in Utah and are looking into your college and higher education finance options, this site is a good place to start getting ready for next commencement. Uhaa.

org is home for Utah’s Educational Savings Plan, the state office in charge of overseeing student loan terms and rates, and is also responsible of providing information and guidance to help borrowers make the best of their loans. The site is designed to impact a large target audience encompassing parents and students in the last years of secondary school, and it achieves its goal by presenting a variety of attractive resources and information. For instance, you can start by visiting the ‘Parents and Students’ area to discover a variety of advice articles to help you design your home budget to fit educational finance goals, and also a variety of calculators which will take the guesswork out of financial planning, and allow site visitors to plan the most through details of their expenses. Ready to apply for your loan? All the forms to request financial aid or refinance an existing debt are on and can be downloaded as PDFs. A list of the borrowers is also available in the site, though unfortunately no links to the corresponding student loan area of each of the lender’s sites are given.

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More – Find A Mortgage Lender In Your Area

  • June 7, 2008

Gmacm.netMaking dreams come true can sometimes be a complicated matter; if all you need to achieve your goals is money, can help.

This site belongs to a mortgage lender corporation with affiliates throughout the country, and by using their maps and zip code lender locator, you can find a mortgage in your area in a couple of simple steps, though it could be a good idea to take a look at the wealth of resources available from this site to make a better start; for instance, you can read insightful articles and advice on what you should take into account before applying for a new home, vacation or even investment property mortgage, explore specific rates and costs online (you can fill a form with your property costs and get immediate quotes, which you can then compare using the tools provided by the site). Other interesting features include calculators to help you build a better expense budget, or resources to help you determine whether rent or purchase is the best way to go, but there’s lots of other useful bits to this site, which include links to discounted moving supplies, checklists, glossaries, and the like. In short, this site is a great example of personal finance information and resources, and hopefully one that will become a standard in terms of accessibility, design and usefulness of resources.

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More – HSBC Helps You Save

  • June 5, 2008

Hsbcautoloans.comThis is the online way that HBSC has found to help you with your auto loan. HSBC is one of the largest financial institutions in the world with locations in 83 countries.

With the car loan options for refinance, this prestigious finance company aims to help you lower your monthly car payment. HSBC Auto Finance is a leading provider of auto loans for new and used vehicles and auto loan refinance with products that serve the full spectrum of credit consumers. For consumers, the service works for auto loans through direct solicitations, the Internet, and alliances. For dealers, the company purchases consumer contracts from thousands of car dealers nationwide. You may save thousands of dollars, and HSBC’s auto refinancing loan application is fast, simple and free. Your free quote comes with absolutely no obligation. Once approved, the company has dedicated loan officers who will work with you and can email your car loan refinancing package to you. HSBC Auto Finance offers competitive car loan refinance rates to customers of all credit types.

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More – Free Quotes

  • May 19, 2008

CompetingMortgageQuotes.comAre you thinking of buying a home but aren’t sure if your credit will be sufficient to get a mortgage? Mortgage rates are at an all time low so now is the time to take out a loan and purchase the home you’ve always dreamed of having. If you’re unsure of how to go about it or don’t know if you’re eligible check out this site and find out once and for all. offers users the possibility to get free mortgage quotes without credit checks and with no obligation. Using the services provided by the site you can lower you mortgage and home equity, refinance your home, get debt consolidation, or purchase a home. By simply entering you mortgage information including the purpose of the loan, property type, property use, loan amount, property value, and zip code, as well as you personal data you’ll receive up to four mortgage quotes. You may very well receive quote from local lenders that suit your needs.

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More – Get Help In Whatever You Need

  • May 14, 2008

Justforyoucredit.comDo you need some help with your finance? Visit, and discover all the things it has to offer; get up to $1500 cash in advance, get credit line up to $10,000, get an auto loan, get affordable health insurance, refinance or buy a new home, or even reduce your overall debt by up to %70.

You don’t need to worry about financing anymore. If you just read this and you would like to get started you have to simply select whatever type of assistance you need (need a car, pay a day loan, refinance or purchase a home, auto loan or reduce your overall debt by up to 70%), then you enter a valid email address and you’ll see how you get immediate results. Don’t worry about your credit score because your credit history doesn’t matter to The only condition you need is that you must be an US resident and be over the age 18. Visit the website for more information.

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More – Home Equity Splurge

  • May 7, 2008

Creditextras.comHave you ever wondered why you haven’t finished that basement addition that you have been planning for the last 5 years? Sure, you have got the ability, the tools, and the help to do it yourself, but you are missing the most critical component of all: the money. In today’s economy, it is hard to come up with the extra cash to finance a home improvement project. is a site that can help you to obtain a home equity loan. Basically, a home equity loan allows you to take money out of your house either because a good portion of the principal has been paid off or because the value of the home has appreciated through the years. And, once you have done this, you can then use the money from the house to complete your project. Therefore, you will be adding more value back into your house. will help you to understand the advantages of obtaining a home equity loan or a refinance loan.

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More – Alabama Real Estate

  • April 30, 2008 is a website dedicated to help you find your next home or apartment.

If you are looking to refinance your mortgage, you can do so through the site also. There are properties listed all through the United States, so finding a home in your area is just one click away. If you have good credit, you can pre qualify for a loan in order to get all the financing ready for purchasing the home of your dreams. If you want the site to keep you informed of new homes available in your state or area, you can sign up to receive the free email newsletter. This is a great way to keep yourself informed of all the real estate developments in your area without having to visit the site regularly. Al Hud is based out of Alabama, but with their complete real estate coverage, there is no problem in finding a home in your area in no time.

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More – Mortgage And Home Loans

  • April 30, 2008

Peakhomeloan.comIs your mortgage or home loan giving you headaches? Then you might want to check this website. Since 2004 Peak Home Loans has been helping and advising people like you.

Staffed with experiences professionals, and with a great knowledge of the market, this can be the place you are looking for. Their service is available seven days a week and twelve hours a day. Among the things they offer are: mortgage and loan refinance programs to 100%, government FHA and VA loans, home equity loans, debt consolidation loans, home improvement loans, home purchase loans, among many others. In order to see if you apply you can fill their application online for free, with no fees, commitments, memberships or obligations. After filling this form out, a mortgage specialist from Peak Home Loans will get in contact with you within 24 hours. According to what they say, 4 out of 5 applications get approved.

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More – Military Banking Online

  • April 28, 2008

The website for the Armed Forces Bank is found at, and it provides members of the military with all the services they could ever need for managing their finances online. If you are one, on this site you can make deposits and withdraw money using nothing but your web browser. And you can also do everything from ordering checks and debit cards to applying for loans and refinancing your debts.

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More – Find A Better Mortgage

  • April 26, 2008

LowerMortgageOnline.comThough there seems to be an unending list of competitors for this kind of consumer search services, the truth remains that they are useful and used, so we can safely expect to see more and more popping up in the future. LowerMortgageOnline.

com will allow users to get quotes for mortgages from a variety of lenders, and in so doing will allow users to make a better decision as they’ll get to know about offers they are preapproaved for, without having to do much background research, but just sitting down and waiting for the best offers to reach them. In order to get the quotes, what users have to do is simply fill in a 5-step questionnaire (you’ll be done in less than 5 minutes) with basic credit information, provide contact details and then you’ll be ready to start finding about more intelligent and cost-efficient ways to shop for financial services, and all of that for free, as users are not even required to generate an account on the site. What I reckon really sets this particular site apart from its competitors is that it provides information on the third-party company its run by, as opposed to other sites, when only after you’re done with questionnaires like the one presents, will let you know that they blong to the network of sites of one particular lender.

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More – Housing And Related Issues Online

  • April 21, 2008

Housingdoom.comThe Housing Doom Housing Bubble Blog at deals with housing and related issues.

Senior housing, available apartments, the rate of foreclosures, and estimations of home values are all contemplated in this blog. Visitors can read economic reports, resource pages, and seminar transcriptions appertaining to such issues online. Other categories to browse through include mortgage banking, credit contraction, valuation tools, and market trends. There is information on local markets, too. There is also a host of information on and about realtors, explaining in great detail how does a realtor operate, and how much he is really being paid for his services. On the other hand, a page titled “Bubble Horror Stories” has anecdotes and colourful information and stories, whereas the “Bubble Humor” page provides comic relief. Home refinance loans, condos for sale, moving companies and lodging are some of the featured links. A blogroll is also featured, letting the visitor find related information in an easy manner.

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