More – Recommend Your Friends, Make Money

  • July 24, 2007

Zubka.comUK based Zubka is a job referral site. You can actually earn cash by recommending your mates for jobs.

Of course, you’ll only get the money if whomever you recommended lands the job. Your share of the spoils is quite decent too; for example if you find someone for an $80,000 position, Zubka will hand you $4,800. Also, if your friends sign up to be Referrers you’ll get $200 for each placement they make. On the other side, Hirers save money by using Zubka. They’ll also get top-notch people, because they’ve been personally recommended. Zubka’s got a job board to peruse through too, so if you happen to find something you like, get your best friend to recommend you and you’ll both reap in the benefits. It’s free to join.

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More – A Better Way To Do What You Already Do

  • March 18, 2007

BoredWealth.comIf you live in Portland, Oregon, the official website of Univision Portland can be of your interest. On you can find Portland local news, including Portland sports news and Portland entertainment news. Also, the site lets you browse for Portland weather information, with just a click.

Are you looking for Portland news? If that is so, you can stop by to find Portland news and to watch local video news online, as well. In addition, the site features information on everything regarding Portland local events. That is why you should keep it in mind whenever you want to find things to do in Portland.

The site is specially oriented to Portland’s Latino community and that is why it lets you find Latin news in Portland, easily. To sum up, if you are looking for Portland local information, you will find an interesting option to bear in mind.

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