More – Help Your Friends Get Jobs

  • October 31, 2011

GetemHired.comGet ’em Hired is here to help unemployed Americans finally get a job. The way this site works, you can read job seeker profiles and then submit them to as many as three of your friends at the same time. That is, Get ’em Hired is a referral system that lets you help your friends land jobs without them having to get that involved. Not at first, at least. You’re the one who’s looking for open positions for them, and you’re the one who’s making the connections.

And keep in mind that if you use this site you aren’t just supposed to email job pages to these friends who’d be a perfect match, you’re also meant to have them sent to people who might know someone who could make the grade. The idea is to get Americans more connected among themselves than ever, and start doing something for the betterment of the country, one position at a time.

It’s all very noble, and with the site being free to join and use I suppose not many would think it twice before signing up for an account and giving this site a good, long hard look.

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More – Build A Social Landing Page

  • September 7, 2011

KickoffLabs.comGood news for those who are looking for a simple yet powerful way to build landing pages for their websites. That’s exactly what KickoffLabs provides. This startup enables anybody to build one such page by using a simple designer which basically lets him pick a template and place all the relevant content into position. Videos and background images can be employed as largely as the user wants, and he’ll be able to have the text he’s using to pitch his product illustrated and animated in whole.

And each and every landing page that is created through KickoffLabs actually comes with the necessary widgets and buttons for promoting what’s featured there socially. Visitors will be able to pass the best bargains and deals listed on it along, effectively acting as brand ambassadors.

And the minute the landing page has gone live is the minute the user can analyze conversion rates, views and referrals using the provided insight tools. So, finding the biggest fans and influencers (and begin developing lasting relationships with them) is a piece of cake.

KickoffLabs competes with services such as Launch It Now and Page/Do, which do something similar but that (in some specific instances) are more expensive.

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More – Reward People For Referring You

  • June 1, 2011

Vouchfor.comA fact is a fact: recommendations that come from your friends and family are more relevant than all other forms of advertisement taken together. It is something entirely logical. And any service that encouraged family members and friends to make one referral after the other would be a good and fruitful service bar none. Well, Vouchfor stands as nothing more and nothing less than that: a platform that encourages people to refer services to their friends and next of kin. The idea is that they will get a reward themselves every time that a referral they have made leads to an actual transaction.

This referral service comes at a cost, and three different plans are available. They all come with exactly the very same number of features, and the one and only difference is the length of the subscription. They all feature a set of tools for putting an appealing campaign together, and a dashboard for measuring the success of the campaign once it has been launched. And all three plans can be tried for free, too.

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More – Promote Your Content Using Buttons

  • April 4, 2011

SocialPayout.comMany claim that the efficacy of ad blocks is dwindling since people have become accustomed to their presence, to the point they have learned not to give them a second glance. Of course, not giving them a second glance also means not clicking on them. And that means sleepless nights for many an advertiser out there.

Whether such a thing is really happening, now, is something that can be debated. But those of you who seriously believe that your visitors are bypassing your ads will put this new service to excellent use. Social Payout is not an advertising platform, but a referral one. Users of Social Payout will be able to add buttons to their sites for visitors to recommend and endorse what they do all over Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

And how are users encouraged to use these buttons? Easy: they get a reward for doing so. Each time they use any of these buttons to spread the word about any service or product, they will get a small giveaway such as an ebook, a pdf file, a coupon or a discount code. Simple, fast and (above all) effective.

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More – Make Your Customers Refer Their Friends

  • March 24, 2011

Curebit.comGetting your already-existing customers to refer all their friends is what this new platform is all about. Curebit motivates your customers to spread the word about any product or deal you are advertising, in the one way that could never fail to get them interested: giving them special discounts in exchange. And as it is only logical, the more involved a user becomes then the bigger benefits that he is going to reap.

Merchants that use this service are provided with a dashboard for tracking the efficacy of these social referrals, and they can easily determine which kinds of customers are bringing the largest number of new buyers in. Devising new strategies will hardly get any easier.

Curebit can be used both by eCommerce and SaaS websites, and signup is free in both cases. All that needs to be done for the registration to be started is to supply a valid email address.

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More – Referral Marketing Done Right

  • November 13, 2010

Anafore.comAnafore provides online sellers with a truly effective referral marketing platform. Essentially, those who use Anafore will be able to leverage their every actual customer, and make new connections through him.

This is achieved in the following way. Suppose you have a store. Whenever somebody shops there, you will send the transaction details to Anafore. The company will take care of contacting that customer individually, asking him to refer your store to his friends. Each one of his friends that buys anything at your store because he recommended it to him is making the purchase at a discounted price, and the original customer (IE, the one who referred him to your shop) is actually getting a referral bonus.

The idea is these friends who have been directed to your store will in turn refer their own friends, and so on.

This approach can certainly be likened to a never-ending cycle, in which each new referral leads to plenty more. And if you decide to try this system out, note that you will be provided with a full dashboard letting you keep a good watch on every purchase that has been made, and the subsequent ones that such a purchase has given room to.

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More – A Network For Word Of Mouth Marketing

  • September 7, 2010

Swom.comSwom (“Super Word of Mouth”) is a social network that can be used to market anything. Yet, the site will be specially useful for home-business owners that are looking for ways to reach out to a larger audience.

On the site, they will be able to promote who they are, what they do to and (ultimately) earn new referrals.

The site is free to join, and once an account has been created you will receive your own personalized referral link. Whenever you refer anybody using this link, you are actually receiving a commission.

And joining the site also makes it possible for you to start interacting with like-minded people, sharing these marketing secrets and strategies that you have mastered, and learn about the ones they use in order to succeed. Groups can be joined and created, too, so that finding people who are 100 % compatible with you shouldn’t be that difficult.

Lastly, Swom comes complete with an auto-tweeting feature for posting promotional messages on the popular micro-blogging site, and (to all intent and purposes) putting your marketing efforts on autopilot.

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More – Aiming To Monetize The Social Web

  • June 24, 2010

AdShouts.comBy now, many web users have become accustomed to the presence of ads and they simply don’t pay them any heed. And the monetization of social media and social networks via traditional online advertising did never yield results that could be deemed as good – not in relation to the number of people who are involved, at least.

AdShouts is a new advertising platform that addresses all these challenges through the creation of a marketplace that aims to equally benefit web users, advertisers, and owners of web properties.

In essence, AdShouts is a community of social web users in which members are paid for their involvement and engagement in social media ad campaigns that are specifically tailored to who they are, and what they like. Upon signing up, you are asked to select both your preferred brands and these topics that interest you. At the same time, you set down the degree of participation that you want to have. According to that, you are going to receive social media ads from advertisers, and you can choose whether to view these or not. You can likewise block advertisers who send you links that have nothing to do with you, and opt out of the program completely whenever you want.

The idea, then, is to create a true network where ads are served based on absolute relevancy, as set down by the users. And further income can be generated by referring other users, too.

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More – A Place To Make Professional Connections

  • May 31, 2010

WiseStep.comWiseStep is a professional networking site. It enables such individuals to connect and refer each other, winning points and privileges in the process, and eventually redeeming these for tangible rewards (IE, monetary ones).

Profiles on the site are created at no cost, and once you are in you can proceed to invite your friends one by one. That is easily done, as it is only fit – such a function is actually the core of the whole networking experience as provided by WiseStep. Once you have a couple of friends to refer (and to be referred by) it all begins making sense.

On the other hand, if you represent a company that is hiring you can maximize such a referral system and reach job seekers that you would have no access to otherwise – IE, the kind of job seekers that are passive by nature, and who don’t post their profiles on job boards.

In this way, companies are getting referrals the world over, and people have access to a readier set of opportunities. People are also encouraged to become an active part of it all, and the more involved they become then the bigger rewards they will reap.

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More – Refer Your Friends And Earn Bonuses

  • December 7, 2009

ChumBonus.comEssentially, we can say that ChumBonus is a new referral system whereby you let your friends know about any job opening that could be suitable for them, and in the event they get the job owing to your recommendation then you will receive a reward. That is, ChumBonus aims to modify the way in which hiring is carried out online by giving people an added push to put open positions about.

Besides, the bonus can be given to any charity that the referrer wishes, to the degree that he wants – it is actually possible to give it up in its entirety.

The actual implementation of this process is as simple as it could be – you simply send jobs to your friends once you have created a (free) account, and they will weigh up whether or not they are going to accept it. If they do, you will receive the bonus and then it is up to you to decide what to do with the bonus.

When it comes to charities, these can join the site by signing up at no cost. Upon doing so, they will become publicly visible to every site user, as charities are featured on the main page in addition to being browsable by category. In that sense, everybody is benefited – referrers obtain a bonus, their friends get a job, employers have a bigger chance of coming across the suitable candidates and charities can receive additional support.

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More – A Marketplace Of Referrals

  • September 16, 2009

RefMob.comThis young startup is branded as “the refer-a-friend marketplace”. What does that mean? Well, we can apprehend its basic essence by thinking of it as a space where companies and businesses can let everybody know about their paid referral programs.

Besides, the site is a true social marketplace – people who drop by can start referring each other and earn money for doing so. Integration with the big social resources of the day like Facebook and Twitter is accounted for, and when a site user posts a referral on RefMob it can be posted to these in a fell swoop. Friends will be able to see what has been posted, and the one who spreads the word and helps the original user find what he wanted receives a fixed amount of money as a reward.

As you can see, the dynamics or the site are both uncomplicated and accurate. I find it a suitable way to capitalize on the ever-growing social scene, and I think it has a chance of becoming particularly successful with small companies that want to promote their paid referral programs. After all, what better way to reach the masses cost-effectively than Facebook & Co?

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More – Monetizing Your Social Activity

  • September 14, 2009

ReferralVille.comIf we do some quick maths, it is obvious that many people spend what is an inordinate amount of hours on Twitter and Facebook. And they receive nothing in exchange.

That is, nothing that has a monetary value. Monetization on social sites is a concern mostly privative of the sites themselves. The social network users are seldom (if ever) taken into consideration.

This company aims to change all that. In principle, it allows users to generate an income through their social activity. That is, they perceive an income for being a part of the networks they work so hard to create. This income is generated by matching consumers who are looking for a service with those who are looking for it. The user (or business) lists his services one time and then waits for e-mail referrals to arrive in his inbox. Member can refer other members who are looking for that very same service. When the match is made, users can then share the referral fee that is awarded by the business.

Using this service is free. The company charges a transaction referral fee amounting to 15 %, but that is it. Payments are processed through PayPal.

Is this the shape of things to come? What do you think?

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More – Refer Friends For Jobs

  • August 12, 2009

MyJobReferrals.comThose looking for a job can always lean on the Internet for support and direction. And a new site (MyJobReferrals.

com) stands as one of the most appealing services I have seen recently, if only because of the twist it adds. Basically, it is a web application that rewards you for linking qualified candidates to open positions. As the team behind it puts it “Think of it as a Craigslist to find jobs for your friends”.

Whenever a “good” candidate that you reported is hired, you (as the referrer) receive a placement reward. This service can be used by anybody – you don’t need to be a recruiter in order to benefit from it, just being someone who wants to lend a hand is enough.

The site includes a database of available positions, all of which come from verified employers. When you come across a posting that is a perfect match for someone that you know, you can notify him or her on the spot.

I think we will all agree this is a fresh take on something which usually revolves around the very same procedures time after time. Drop by the site in order to learn more, and see if you can spot something for someone you know.

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More – A New Way To Refer

  • September 2, 2008

2Vouch.comIn the good old days, there used to be a foolproof way of making sure someone got a job: you recommended them. If you’re thinking of recommending someone for a job, or you need to find someone to cover a position you should check out 2vouch.

com. Through the site, you’ll be able to refer people for great jobs and find people who have been referred by other professionals. This will make it possible for you to find people who other professionals find qualified, without having to ask them for often-fake references. You can even make money if you make a successful referral. Companies are so interested in finding highly qualified individuals, that they’ll pay you to find good people for their team. By making referrals, you’ll start building your network and gowing your 2Vouch reputation. The better your reputation is, the more companies will take your referrals into account. This site could change the way companies look for employees.

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More – International Social Network

  • May 28, 2008

theWorlt.comTheWorlt is a social network where you can meet people from all over the world. When you first visit the site you will find a Google map with icons marking the locations of the network members.

When you click on a members profile photo the map will zoom in on where that person is located. You can learn more about each member by reading their profile information which includes facts such as height, eye color, etc and by looking at their photos and comments. You can also see each member’s friends and make more connections. TheWorlt also has a competition called the “World-of-Mouth”. Members could win great prizes such as iPods and iPhones just for referring their friends to TheWorlt. When you refer a friend you are automatically entered into the contest. Meet new friends at

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More – Private Employment Referral Network

  • October 31, 2007

Oncero.comOncero is an invite-only job networking service which connects qualified employees with interested employers via a third party: trusted contacts. The site works by allowing users (not only employers and recruiters) to post job opportunities, much like Doostang’s system.

Once someone has posted a vacancy, he or she can share it with individuals or groups on Oncero as he or she sees fit (since Oncero is a private community, of course these postings will not be seen by any outside parties). On the employer end of things, Oncero helps businesses connect with qualified, referred candidates. In turn, this hiring system allows employers to accrue a database of reliable references. To help encourage members to post jobs, Oncero offers a referral rewards program for all leads that end in a hire. Currently, Oncero is only operating in private beta.

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