More – Convenient Online Shopping at Amazon

  • July 16, 2012 is a URL forwarder that directs its visitors to if the searcher accidentally makes a typing error. Amazon is the one stop shop for online shoppers that don’t like to shop around or they are just plain impatient and want to get the best deals without having to visit a ton of other websites. is known for having products for sell that are cheaper than even Wal-Mart or Target. Customers can choose from many great and quality items such as books, movies, games, home and garden, toys and more! Amazon has even manufactured an e-book reader called the Kindle. The original Kindle’s sell for around $79 and up while the new Kindle Fire goes for about $200. These little gadgets are well worth it especially for book worms. No more having to squeeze a ton of books in a carry on when you have a flight. Just make sure your Kindle is charged up and you can choose from as many books as you have on there for something to read and keep yourself entertained!

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More – Keep Track Of Your Every Link

  • April 9, 2010

LinkShiftr.comLinkShiftr is a redirection service that any user can employ in order to keep full track of his links and where they are taking people to. This is accomplished in several ways, as the site will let you mask tracking links and redirect tracking URLS while keeping a close watch on how effective these initiatives are being by way of the provided analytics.

Moreover, the site makes it easy for you (IE, the one who is redirecting the link) to rotate through multiple different destination URLs on a single link.

LinkShiftr is specially aimed at marketers, for all the obvious reasons – they will be able to switch out the destination pages of any link or links they have created, and the fact that they can easily rotate different landing pages is tailor-made for conversion purposes. After all, they can determine which is capturing the interest of the buying public best, and leading into an eventually higher ROI.

Note that the ability to track conversions is available only if you sign up for a pro account. The other advantage of going for such an account is that the number of destination URLs you will be able to use is unlimited.

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More – URL Redirection Service

  • March 26, 2009

Twitlik.comTo quote Elvis Costello, the Internet has become “mighty crowded”, and many addresses have become just too long as a result. Every now and then we feel like sharing some of these.

This is not a problem if we are e-mailing them, but when it comes to contexts where there is a limit of characters it is a different story. This issue has been addressed by a healthy succession of URL shorteners, and this tool does exactly that. TwitLik allows you to convert any long and tricky Internet address into a new, shorter one that will take you to the very same page but that is 20 characters or less long.

In addition to making for easy sharing, a shorter URL also lessens the chance of making a mistake when you are keying in the URL in your browser, and saves procedural headaches and tantrums.

The company also abides by a policy whereby they check the URLs that are shortened in order to ensure that you will come across no inappropriate links, and that you will not be redirected someplace that is better left alone. That is certainly commendable, and a good point any way you look at it.

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More – Make Your Long URL Short and Pretty

  • November 28, 2007 is an application that turns your long, ugly, difficult url’s into short, pretty, manageable ones.

Using is simple. First you copy the long, nasty url into the box for ugly url’s click and watch your long url transform into a short pretty url. Short urls are easier to manage and you can easily copy them onto your blogs, email, webpages, etc.. without any hassle. No signing up is involved just visit the site and use the application as much as you would like. You can also edit your link. In order to edit and track your redirect you need to create a password. Stop dealing with 200 character url’s visit and get a short manageable url.

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More – Domain Name Leasing

  • January 21, 2007

If you can’t buy the domain you want, why don’t you lease it? I bet many of you didn’t even know such a thing was possible, but that’s what this site is here for. allows you to rent any domain that you wish you had, and use it as if it were yours. The way this is actually done, now, is very simple. You just have to sign up for a Lease This account (the registration process in itself costs nothing), and then you’ll be able to start looking for domains that you would like to rent.

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