More – A New Tool For Managing Tasks

  • February 27, 2010

En.Reddynote.comReddynote is a new platform for the managing of tasks. It will empower you to arrange and organize everything from a unified location, no matter if you are working on your own or if you work as part of a team.

Tasks can be tagged in a plurality of ways, since you can have your every task organized according to time, priority and exposure. That is, you can tag activities by assisting elements. Having such a possibility does never go amiss, as different people make different associations and will find some systems more natural than others when it comes to mentally arranging and dealing with their pending tasks.

Additionally, a significant part of the system operates in a drag and drop fashion, and you can move tasks according to their degree of completeness (“Today”, “Next” and “Postponed”). That is also something that goes into ensuring that different people will maximize the system for sure.

In any case, everybody will be benefited by the fact that this solution is entirely web-based. Those who decide to give it a try will have to download no applications, and they won’t have to install anything either. It is all launched from the browser.

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