More – How To Follow A Blog Socially

  • August 20, 2009

RedAnyway.comThis service advertises itself using the catchphrase “a social way to follow a blog”. In general terms, it is a service whereby you can paste a widget on any of the social networks that are all the rage right now, and engage more people that way.

Moreover, functionalities like autoposting to Twitter and Facebook whenever you update your blog are added and can be implemented more or less instantly. That is why the tagline that the company has chosen is particularly suitable.

Furthermore, you (as the blogger) have the ready chance to show off your Twitter following on the blog, and interact with them directly through a communication channel that is opened.

The blogosphere is mostly a friendly place, but since so many people interact there it is difficult to leave a mark. Services like this one are something that never go unnoticed, if only because any tool for promotion is a worthy addition to any blogger’s repertoire. If you are one, head straight to the site and either sign up for free or check out any of the provided demos.

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