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  • October 10, 2007

www.CelebrityWonder.comDo you want to know everything about your favorite celebrities? Do you enjoy Celeb gossip? is the site for you.

Here you’ll find almost everything you can think of related to movie stars and well-known people. This site has a search engine which allows you to find almost whatever you want by typing a keyword. You can also browse the many different categories available including Celebrity News, Celebrity Videos, What’s New, Red Carpet Photos, Event Photo Gallery, NOW 200k+ Photos, Celebrity Posters, and more. Besides you’re able to easily search for Movie Trailers by going through a very complete alphabetically ordered listing. There’re also plenty of other sections you can surf among such as: Movie Listing, Movie Stills, Movie Trailers, Movie Wallpapers, Upcoming Movies, US Box Office, All-Time Box Office, New DVD Release, and New Video Release. Moreover, in this website you’ll have the opportunity of going through a lot of related stuff like Celebrity Trivia, Drawing Gallery, Star Horoscope, Biography, Fan Site, and Celebrity Profile. There’re also some Celebrity Forums available including: Write to Celebrity, Webmaster, and Site Map. You can even search for Celebrity Birthdays just by selecting a date or celebrity name. There’s a Poster Search Engine available, as well as many Movie Reviews ordered from A to Z too.

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