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  • July 11, 2011

RecruitCoders.comAs its name suggests, stands as a recruitment platform that connects people who have coding skills with companies that could actually use their services. The site can be joined by absolutely everybody, and upon creating (and verifying) their own profiles coders will become instantly findable by companies that are looking for new talent. Recruiters who use the site can look coders up by IT skills, preferred company’s location, offered salary… and the whole world is actually supported, so that companies can find talent located as close or far as they wish.

Besides, recruiters are enabled to evaluate these coders they are interested in pursuing a professional relationship with thanks to the provided testing platform. This is based on the highly-practical SPOJ Engine, and it basically lets them test the abilities of these programmers that look promising at once.

All in all, quite a great way for coders to market their skills and land jobs at these companies they have always dreamed of being part of. Check it out – you can get started without having to pay anything.

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