11 Lesser-Known Tips For Attracting Startup Talent

  • June 26, 2014

It’s tempting to think that you might bump into your unicorn at a MeetUp or sponsored happy hour. The truth of the matter is that 90% of those attendees are recruiting there, too, and the other 10% are trying to sell you services. Start with your network, instead. Reach out to the top 5 superconnectors and ask for referrals. Most importantly, remember to thank them and respect…


8 Tips For Recruiting The Best Engineers For Your Startup

  • May 20, 2014

My technical co-founder has a group of engineers that he calls his “hacking team.” These guys get together once a week and look at new tech tools, help each other out on projects and share tricks. If you know great engineers, even if they are already employed, trust who they hang out with. Smart people hang…


How To Recruit The Right People For Your Team

  • June 24, 2013

When we talk about “growth,” we don’t mean hiring – at startups, there’s no such thing as hiring. There is, however, the nearly automated, sterile overburdening of your team with the wrong people – and then there is the search for the right people, for the right jobs, at the right time. That is, the search…


3 Hot Hiring Tips For Finding The Best Sales Team

  • March 6, 2013

So, your startup is growing and you’ve begun to delegate responsibility to new all-star hires. Yes, I know, it can be hard to give up control, but as long as you’re patient and wait to hire only the best, then you’ll be in good hands! It’s no surprise that, for many startups, there’s a significant challenge…

More – Online Recruiting Tool

  • December 5, 2011

JobPage.comWith its barebones interface and a great set of time-saving features, JobPage is all that recruiters could need to do their jobs faster, and as satisfactorily as ever. You only have to try this site once to realize what I mean. JobPage lets you post as many openings as positions you need to cover, in a way that’s quick and intuitive above everything else. And then. track every single application that you receive using a dashboard that basically puts everything in the same page.

You can see when a submission came in, and review all that made a candidate interesting the first time around. And by creating a recruitment task list you can get all your priorities in order, and conduct the whole process much more professionally.

JobPage is specifically aimed at the tech and marketing industries, and as such it lets employers promote the jobs they post on some of the best IT forums on the Internet. These include Indeed, SimplyHired and Workhound. Of course, any position that’s listed on can also be promoted on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And an automatic reposting feature makes things faster for everybody.

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More – Online Hiring Tool

  • September 13, 2011

Unrabble.comWith its intelligent interface and a true understanding of what its intended audience needs, Unrabble has got what it takes to turn online recruiting processes into something modern managers would be able to handle easier than ever. Essentially, Unrabble is a browser-based service that can automate all the core hiring tasks and streamline the making of decisions by replacing something as subjective as resumes with more measurable criteria.

Unrabble can take care of ranking candidates based on their actual skills, and to verify all the jobs they purport to have had by looking on other sites (most notably social networks) to have every single claim cross-checked.

Plus, Unrabble accelerates hiring processes to no end by letting managers bring colleagues into the equation, and assist them when it comes to finally choosing who is going to be recruited.

The basic version of Unrabble costs $29, and there’s also a “Pro” version which is available for $49. That’s actually the one that will let you bring your colleagues into any recruiting process you’re conducting; the basic version is missing that feature.

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More – Hire Recruit Experts

  • August 18, 2011 Australian startup which aims to revolutionize the way in which talent is found and hired, RecruitLoop lets employers do without all the hassles of “conventional” recruitment processes. How? By hiring the services of expert recruiters that will do the job for them instead, and find the most suitable candidates for any position that needs to be filled.

Companies that use this service first connect with the expert recruiters themselves, by posting their exact needs for recruiters to volunteer their services. Each and every recruiter who is part of the RecruitLoop network has got a profile detailing his previous performance, and with the feedback he has received from other companies he has helped in the past.

And the process that comes after having decided to work with any specific recruiter involves receiving a shortlist of candidates, and then reviewing recorded video interviews and tests before making the big decision of who to hire. Once that decision has been arrived at, the expert is going to be paid based on how much time he has worked, and he is also being rated and reviewed for future companies to know who they’ll be working with if they hire him.

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More – Have Candidates Interviewed For You

  • July 22, 2011

VidCruiter.comThis is the site if you need to hire new employees, and you don’t want to wade through a thousand resumes and interview the kind of unsuitable (and exasperating) candidates that one is always faced with at one point or the other of any recruiting process. VidCruiter is a really practical way for you to have candidates interviewed. In a certain sense, it can be said that this new service lets you crowdsource the whole interview process as VidCruiter will take care of conducting the actual interviews for you.

All you have to do is point prospective employees to the branded website that you get when signing up for the service. VidCruiter will take care of interviewing them for you, and then connecting you only with the ones who are fully-qualified to cover your current openings.

And this practical service is made all the more convenient by coming in four different incarnations: Light, Standard, Ultimate and Enterprise. The difference? The number of applicants that can be interviewed each month. All plans can be tried for free for 15 days.

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More – Social Recruitment Platform

  • July 21, 2011

Zartis.comLetting managers find and hire new talent socially is the objective of Zartis. This new recruiting software basically lets them post openings in the most popular web and social media channels of the day. These include (or will shortly include) Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. They post their openings there, and people who think they have got all the necessary qualifications can send their resumes in both via LinkedIn and by email. Employers will have access to all these resumes using a secure cloud application, and they will be able to contact suitable candidates on the spot. They will then be allowed to track candidates all through the hiring process, and keep an organized set of notes to go with each one of them. Candidates can be managed as thoroughly as the employer wants.

This service is available for a flat monthly rate that gives users the chance to post an unlimited number of job openings per month, and track all the submissions that happen to come in. No setup fees have to be paid either. And full integration with LinkedIn makes signing up for the service a really painless task.

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More – Social Network Recruiting

  • July 8, 2011

HoneyCombHire.comHoneyComb is a tool that can be used to handle network recruiting processes in a faster and more focused way. When using this application, recruiters go from sending out emails or making phone calls to those who are in their networks to creating private postings that are then delivered to their contacts. These will then recommend the positions to others, or make actual applications themselves.

A service like this one is immensely interesting in the sense that the employer always knows what the connection with each candidate is. The whole process becomes something auditable – recruiters will be hiring people that they already have a link with. There will be nothing left to chance, and the randomness that usually goes with making a position widely open will but vanish altogether.

Besides, the ability to grant and manage permissions will let employers delegate tasks to the extent they feel more comfortable about.

So, HoneyComb is a service that can let anybody put his social network to good professional use, and keep recruiting processes centralized and accountable. Try it out now – you can get started for free.

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More – Profile Pages For Athletes

  • June 8, 2011

Webletes.comA site that aims to simplify the way in which High School and Junior College athletes are discovered, Webletes stands as an interesting alternative to how talent is usually recruited by coaches. On Webletes, athletes from all over the country can sign up for a free account and create profiles highlighting all their best virtues and qualities. Coaches will then be able to go through these, and whenever they spot anything that looks promising then they can get in touch with the athlete through the site.

The search of athletes itself is made all the more easy since an interactive map is included, and an advanced search tool lets coaches look talent up by taking into account variables such as the position they can play, their GPA and both their ACT and SAT scores. Of course, aspects such as the age, height and weight of candidates can likewise be taken into consideration. And since the most viewed athletes are all highlighted on the site, finding the star players of tomorrow is turned into an even faster task.

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More – Look Through Online Resumes

  • May 24, 2011

JustFits.comIf talent seems to give your company a wide berth, then it is time to take a different stance and go look for it yourself. Which is anything but difficult if you let an application like this one do the job. JustFits turns the whole process around, as instead of having people apply to your job openings it will let you go and look through these LinkedIn profiles that are suitable, and through all these resumes which are already posted on the Web.

In this way, you will be taking a definitely more proactive stance when it comes to the hiring of talent. It is you who will approach talented people, and show them that their skills will be appreciated at your company.

And Fits also lets you make sense of these resumes that you have already collected – it will let you index them all, and search them in a more logical way – filtering everything by age, by education, by special skills…

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More – Recruit Top CAD Designers

  • May 17, 2011

CADCrowd.comAs its name suggests, this is a service for the recruiting of CAD designers and engineers. The site works as a kind of marketplace in which you can post contract work for freelancers and teams throughout the world to ponder on, and then submit their own bids. You will then be able to review all the bids that materialize, and then select the designers/engineers that you deem as better-qualified. And they will be paid only when the work is fully done – something that can be easily ascertained as the site comes with the tools and resources for tracking the way work is progressing.

The work that is posted on the site ranges from simple 2D designs to complex 3D pieces, and you can be as specific as you wish when posting it. The site has a databank amounting to more than 10,000 engineers already.

CADCrowd accounts can be created for free. And as I mentioned at the beginning, CADCrowd is a worldwide service. You will be able to post projects no matter where you are located, and get to work with engineering talent the world over as if it were just around the block.

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More – Recruit Employees Faster

  • May 10, 2011

Snthy.comSnthy presents itself as a time-effective alternative to the usual processes in which new employees are found and recruited. Snthy basically turns things around by letting employers submit their requirements for a list of suitable candidates to be assembled and delivered to them.

That is, the employer is asked to provide two things: an exact description of the position that he needs to have covered, and some background on his company. When that information is submitted, then it is handed down to a Snthy agent that will take care of singling out good matches for these positions that need to be covered. Once that has been determined, then the list will be delivered to the employer for him to pick the applicants that seem to be better-qualified.

This process takes no more than one week from when the company originally gets in touch with Snthy to when the full list of candidates is built up and delivered. A finders fee amounting to $ 100 is charged.

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More – Track Your Applicants

  • April 6, 2011

EasyRecruit.comCombining a really supple interface with a very satisfying range of features, this application is here to make recruitment processes notably nimbler for small to medium-sized companies.

Using Easy Recruit, it is very easy to store and keep track of applicant data, and find the right person for the right position in a way that demands no big effort at all. Easy Recruit centralizes all the resumes that are sent to a company, and makes them searchable in lots of different ways. It is very easy to find and filter applicants based on very specific criteria such as skills or experience.

There are four different subscription plans: Free, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The free plan will let you have 1 open position, and track up to 20 applicants for it at the same time. These numbers go gradually up from plan to plan, with the enterprise version of the service being limitless. And that version also comes with full analytics.

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More – Hiring People Through Facebook

  • December 14, 2010

JobBoard.usJobBoard is a social recruiting tool. Using it, any company can post job openings to its Facebook page, and keep track of each and every application that comes through. These are all directed to its Facebook page

Moreover, applications can be received via other social channels such as Twitter and SimplyHired. That is possible because positions can be broadcast all over the Social Web – EG, twitterers and people who have a LinkedIn profile will be able to access them. It makes sense, then, that they will be able to send their applications in through different social channels.

Five plans are already provided: Free, Basic, Plus, Platinum and Unlimited. You will choose one according to how many job slots you have to cover, and how many Facebook ad credits you envision yourself using to spread the word around. The free plan comes with support for only one job slot, and the plan that seems more balanced for casual users seems to be the Platinum one to me.

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More – All That Athletes Could Ever Need

  • December 10, 2010

ScoutMe.comScout Me is a community site that aims to make the lives of high school & college student athletes a lot easier. Specifically, they can receive the advice of former student athletes who can guide them down the professional path much more smoothly. They can also remain abreast of all the latest news regarding their specific sports. Information on new equipment that is released is actively featured, and so are articles dealing with how to exercise best, which diets to go for and just anything that could let them realize their athletic potential.

Of course, information on something as vital as how to get picked up by Universities is extensively featured. Scout Me makes it easy for students to realize how to become eligible for scholarships from all NCAA, NAJA and NJCAA Universities and Colleges within the US. Recruiting news and tips are provided by the dozen.

And the site also lets users shop for gear online. Just by choosing the relevant sports category anybody will be presented with lots of items at great prices.

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