More – Back Your Site Up

  • November 2, 2011

BackupMachine.comWebmasters who made the mistake of never backing their sites up only to have them deleted by their web hosts or hacked know all too well the meaning of the saying that goes “Once bitten, twice shy”. But you don’t have to make the same mistake just to learn the importance of doing regular backups. It’s all a matter of common sense. And with services like Backup Machine around, it’s also something that can be handled without having to spend a fortune, or even a lot of time. lets you back your FTP and MYSQL databases every day. This is done automatically, there’s nothing to install, no servers to deal with, and there are enough plans to ensure that even the people whose sites are more of a labor of love than anything else will not be left out in the cold. If you’re one, the free starter package that is provided will let you begin seeing how this service works, and how it can let you have your website restored in a matter of minutes if the worst should come to happen.

Backup Machine’s main competitors include DropMySite and CodeGuard, services that in some cases come with more advanced undo features and rollback options.

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More – Recover Your Items If They Get Lost

  • June 8, 2011

TurlyTag.comTurlyTag is a really interesting system that basically lets you take every step you could possibly take to ensure that your most treasured possessions will be returned to you in the event you have lost them, and someone else has found them. In essence, TurlyTag is an ID system that lets anybody apply a unique code to these items that he values. These are generated using the provided tool, and once they have been created they can be printed and stuck on just anything – a bag, a bicycle, a notepad, even a set of keys. It is all identifiable and trackable using TurlyTag. And the idea is that when other people find the item that has become lost, then by merely having the code scanned they will get to know everything about its rightful owner.

As the creators of TurlyTag themselves point on the site, there is really no way to stop thieves from stealing. Yet, a system like TurlyTag enables people that always wish to do the right thing to do it more easily. Anything that has been tagged using TurlyTag is going to come back to its original owner, there is just no doubt about it whatsoever.

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More – Back Up All Your Data

  • January 28, 2011

Safeberg.comAs the title of the review puts it, this is a new alternative for those who have decided it is time to back all their data. In this particular case, the storage process is made possible by installing and then launching a small application. This will take care of uploading all your data to the cloud, where you will be able to access it later on, at any time you want.

And (as it is only suitable) Safeberg takes care of backing up your data automatically. Once installed, it will do the job for you without you even noticing. And it is very important to mention that Safeberg can actually take care of backing up files that are open – its continuous backup capabilities make that possible.

The free version of Safeberg will let you store up to 2 GB of data, at which point you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your account. There are lots of configurations to go for, with the less expensive plan giving you 5 GB, and the most expensive one giving you no less than 800 GB of storage.

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More – An Application For Staying Healthy

  • July 1, 2010

WPAngel.comI suppose that up to a certain point Workplace Angel can be termed a productivity tool. Rather, it can be termed a tool that guarantees the productivity of those who download it, and use it as intended.

In essence, what Workplace Angel does is to remind you to take pauses while you are working, and also demonstrate animated exercises in your computer screen for you to try out. Both exercises for short and long breaks are included, and you are certain to relax your muscles for good in each and every case.

The objective of this application, then, is to give you the peace of mind which comes from knowing that not because you are working in front of a computer all day you will neglect your health and (eventually) become ineffective. It is not that implausible to think of a couple of managers willingly installing such an app.

The site also includes a health center that covers different computer-related injury there is. It explains how they are caused and the ways in which the can be both prevented and cured, and such a section really wraps the site up more than satisfactory.

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More – Keeping Track Of Every Single Item

  • November 23, 2009

ReturnMyPants.comReturn My Pants can be accurately defined as a service that gives you the possibility to track stuff you have lent out to your friends, relatives, or anybody in a simple way and without having to pay anything for the privilege.

The system is very interesting due to the fact that it also gives you the possibility to be in control of anything you borrow from others.

In this way you will not have to be worried about recovering anything or returning any particular item because the system will remind you of everything on a regular basis.

You already know how bad it feels when you find out that you do not remember who in the world has your favorite CD or DVD. In addition to this, you also know how bad it feels when you find something at home you do not have a clue who it belongs to. You do not have to worry about that anymore because this service will give you the the chance to keep everything in track.

This is an interesting service that was designed to make your life a bit easier and you can learn more about it by heading to And it is wholly free, too.

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More – Bringing Your Deleted Tweets Back

  • March 28, 2009

Tweleted.comDo you use Twitter? Are you interested in deleted Tweeter messages? If that is so, you just need to stop by to find what you are looking for. On this site you will be informed about an online application you can use to find deleted tweets from your Tweeter. offers a service you can use to recover deleted messages from your Tweeter. On this site you will find all the information you need to know about this Tweeter application and how it works. Keep this site in mind, in case you need to recover Tweeter messages you have deleted. You can use Tweteled for free and search for your deleted tweets.

Are you a member of the Tweeter community? Have you accidentally deleted a message from your Tweeter? Feel free to visit to find a possible solution. This online application lets you recover deleted messages from your Tweeter for free.

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More – Data Recovery Software

  • March 22, 2009

DDImp.comThis website could be not only very interesting for you, but something that could also save your career. How? Very simple.

Before you get this new solution described, you need to think about the following situation.

Imagine you have been working for a long time in a new project, and you are dizzyingly tired but you are about to finish. You are not a computer person, so you really would not know what to do if something unexpected happens to you computer. Suddenly, there is an energy power failure and when the energy comes back you have lost you precious work. What would you do?

Do not have to desperate because of this anymore . There is a new solution that will help you to recover the information you have lost. This online resource is specialized in providing data recovery software, in order to restore missed or lost data from digital storage media.

Isn’t that great? I bet. This website also gives you a variety of software reviews, as well as a software directory where you will find what you are looking for. In case you want to download any trial data recovery software, there is a section where you can do this for free.

You will find all the information about a wide variety of tools that will give you the peace you need when you want your files to be safe. This is a recommended site.

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