More – Find New Music Artists Through Twitter

  • October 10, 2008

Recom.meWant to hear music recommendations from people located all over the globe? You can do it easily thanks to, a Twitter bot that connects the famed Twitter interface with the Echo Nest’s Recommend API to provide an expansive list of artist recommendations.

The website, then, is a sort of outboard “memory” for the bot, and it makes possible this virtual sharing of information.

The requirements for using this service are listed at the website. In general terms, you need to access your Twitter account and send a message to the user “@recomme”. This results in a reply including a series of recommendations and a link to the site for additional information.

The creator of the site hopes that this will become a sort of loose social network that will unite music lovers the world over, and he explains that he created this site in a bid to combine two of his best-loved web technologies.

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