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  • November 16, 2009

RecipeRx.comDo you have any specific nutritional requirements you need to get covered? Are you looking for a new solution you can use to stay focused on your nutrition? Many people have to go thorough these questions on a daily basis and they tend to be attracted to anything that gives them the possibility of being in control of what they eat. That is one of the main reasons why the Recipe Rx site was created.

In fact, this website was developed by an experienced chef in addition to a certified health nutritionist that takes care of the main issues you need to think about when preparing any meal.

The site’s creators say that if you decide to use this solution you will be allowed to get the benefits of a tool that will let you have a healthy and abundant life.

The way this service is used is simple – you just need to create your personal health profile with your dietary needs, as well as your personal medical background and food preferences. After you input that data you can create your meal plan based on the site’s recipe recommendations. In case you prefer other products you will receive further recommendations, in addition to a list of local restaurants that could suit your needs. You can also share your own recipes, and recommend different restaurant you have really enjoyed.

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