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  • April 30, 2010

RecipeChimp.comDoes it happen to you that sometimes you do have a lot of ingredients and you just don’t know how you could best combine them in order to come up with something appetizing? And I know that sometimes you are faced with a different dilemma, namely having a very limited budget and knowing that any dish you will create is going to use the most basic ingredients only. And while your kids should be grateful that they have something to eat, all they can do is complain because you are giving them “that” dish again.

Well, this site can be counted upon if you try to bring in a little diversity into the menu. It comprises a fast search engine that lets you specify the ingredients that you have close at hand (or the ones that you know you can afford) one by one. Upon having submitted them, you will be presented with a list of dishes that could be replicated using them.

Having to operate within a limited budget is the one usage example that I find more feasible, but if you are fortunate enough to have a lot of ingredients I advise you to try the site as well, and learn what culinary achievements are possible through them.

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